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If there was a roof on the stadium, they’d blow the top off of it.  It does not matter whether this one was to be played in the Pacific Northwest or just off Lombardi Avenue-Lambeau Field, it would be loud.
And it will be raucous, and it will be electric, and it will be filled with big plays, and probably lots of penalty flags.
The Green Bay Packers and their new look “Drive for 75” offense, they want to run 75-snaps a game, goes against Seattle’s Legion of Boom defense tonite, in the opening game of the NFL season.
There’s the volatile Mike McCarthy, decked out in Packers green, always with a red-face, against the hyper active, always clapping-shouting-moving around Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.
There is the dynamic Russell Wilson, the flamboyant Seahawks QB against the run-and-gun get it done Packers QB-Aaron Rogers.
There is the always angry Marshawn Lynch running the ball for the Hawks against Clay Matthews and all his friends on the Green Bay defense.
And then there is that Seattle defense, Richard Sherman, his mouth, his attitude, his style, leading a bunch of warriors looking to shutdown and shutup the Packers.
Think there will be some trash-talking tonite?  You bet.  Think there will be big plays?  Yes-sir.  Think there will be tons of flags?  Of course, with the new ‘Seattle rules” installed to stop DBs from mugging wide receivers.
When last seen, the Hawks were burying the Broncos in the Super Bowl.  When last played, Green Bay was not happy with the crash and burn end to their season.  They both have a purpose tonite.
What a way to start the year in the NFL.  Anybody up for 43-41 game?  Welcome to 2014 NFL fans, buckle your helmet and seat belt, this will be a wild game, and likely a wild ride all season long.
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