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It’s a great idea. Why would they not move on it now? I know. It’s who they are.

The NFL, always coming up with new ideas to capture the fans attention, has decided not to expand their playoffs. The 16-game schedule; Thursday nite-football on top of Saturday-Sunday-Monday; the combines; the NFL Network; the 3-day draft. They elected not to expand the playoffs yet.

Doesn’t make sense. Not when the product is at an all time high in popularity. Don’t give me that razz-ma-tazz, you don’t want to become the NBA or NHL where almost everyone gets to postseason.

Add a 2nd wildcard team in the AFC and NFC makes all the sense in the world. The league is so competitive, each game so important, allowing 14-of-32 teams into postseason makes is right.

The NFL owners, aka, the rich men, the big cigars, decided to table the proposal for another year? Why?

You add another game to the back end of the schedule, while eliminating a meaningless exhibition game, few want to see, and most revolt against paying for?

You’re not adding another week to the schedule; you go to 3-wildcard games the lst weekend, and just two opening round byes. You have a tiebreaker formula to see who gets that weekend off, who plays who in the opening round.

You’d have plenty of time to figure out how to play 3-wildcard games on a Saturday and Sunday…ever hear of the 12-30…4-30…8-30 starting times for TV.

Ah TV-that’s why.

The NFL is all about the bank, the money. They are not going to just give these 2-additional playoff games to one of its network partners. They want time to bid them out, drive the price up, squeeze every last dollar out of their network partners. But it’s May, you have plenty of time to set up the battle lines for the bidding war, and the network would have plenty of time to sell the additional game to clients too.

Should have been done-didn’t get done, missing out on an opportunity to serve the fans something really neat. More important games at the end of the season. An even bigger first weekend in postseason.

Would have liked to see this start this year, especially since the Chargers need every opportunity for a postcard from postseason, in the limited time left with QB-Philip

Serving the fans-that’s what it should be. Seems instead, it’s always about the money on Park Avenue-New York.

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