Padres Feud

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This isn’t doing anyone any good…they made their choice-they will have to take the consequences.

It’s been 4-days since the Padres fired General Manager Josh Byrnes, and the public spitting contest between both sides has gotten ugly.

Here in San Diego, the general consensus of the fans is “good riddance”, let’s go get somebody new to run this sorry team.

But nationwide, the lashback is pretty much against Padres ownership and its President Mike Dee, something akin to, ‘here we go again-they don’t know what they’re doing’.

6-national baseball columnists and Sports Illustrated all sided with Josh Byrnes, over how hard his job was, how much progress he was making, and how his franchise was ravaged by injuries.

Byrnes evidentially told management in a summary report in the spring, the team wasn’t ready to compete for a playoff spot. They didn’t like his honesty, and they didn’t like his report, and they no longer liked him. When this thing fell apart, bad injuries, bad hitting, they decided to get rid of what they inherited, a bad GM.

It has been four days of cross-fire exchanges, and the more both sides speak-out, the more stain is left out there. And the perception is this ownership group is cheap, they have no patience, have ridiculous expectations.

That’s from the outside looking in. They know about the ravaged pitching staff, the anemic batting average. But they know little about the mess the current ownership group inherited from the past two ownership groups.

In town, this media and these fans may resent all things Carlos Quentin or the horrific sink-hole Chase Headley has fallen into, and it’s always convenient to blame one person. But this mini winning streak this team put together this week, and the blossoming farm system are all things Byrnes left behind.

Padres ownership needs to stop spitting at its former GM. The out of towners are sullying you. Byrnes needs to take his money, take a deep breath, and go find his next job in pro personnel, where he is pretty good.

Perception right now outflanks Padres reality. It’s a lousy team with a bad national public image. The only thing that will change that will be the right hire of a GM. The former GM should remember a bunch of people still think he got lots of things accomplished, even if the standings don’t show it today.

The Padres management made its decision, and will have to take its medicine till their guy gets in place. Spitting is not a classy thing to do.

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