Padres Mess

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What are you going to do?  You have a mess.  I don’t think there are any answers.

Some home stand by those Padres.

Some week by the Friars.

Some serious discussions should take place. Today is a travel day for the Padres, after a weekend of awful hitting, shaky pitching, and anger from the manager.

The Friars head out on an 8-game road trip with holes in the batting order, and hurts on the mound.  And little help on the way.

Owner Ron Fowler and Money Exec Peter Seidler have tough decisions ahead.  Who do you hold responsible for this?  Do you jettison a decision maker?  Do you start dealing players?  Do you bite the bullet-hope they get healthy or hope the kids grow up on the job?

I’ve never seen what I saw this past week.  In 7-games, the Padres team batting average was (.122)…(.122)

You owe Carlos Quentin nearly 14M for the rest of this year and next.  To move him, you’d have to swallow 9M of it. Chase Headley is no longer what he was, Gold Glove-Silver Slugger that one summer.  You won’t get equal value for him. Yasmani Grandal is in a (3-41) sink hole, but what could you fetch for him. Huston Street is a big bargaining chip, and might net you 3 players, but you then weaken what strength you have, pitching.

There is no one at El Paso ready to step in.  The San Antonio arms are way too young.  The load of bats are mostly at Class A.

Blame the GM-Josh Byrnes-Probably.  But firing him does not make any of these guys hit. Fire Bud Black-it’s a cop out, because he can only play the bad roster the GM gave him. Fire a coach-the word scapegoat comes into play here, and that’s wrong. Chalk it up to bad luck, 5-top kid pitchers on the DL and a couple of bad investments in veteran deals.

There are no quick solutions, no quick fixes.  They’ve had 4-good drafts in a row.  But they’ve made mistakes too.

Time however to review the philosophy.  Ownership must do their due diligence.  If it is going to be a 100-loss season, make your move September 1st.  If not give these people a vote of confidence if you believe the blueprint and fix it in the offseason.

The Padres put on a great show for families at the ball park, the fans experience.  It would be a real fan’s experience if they’d start winning again soon.

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One Response to “Padres Mess”

  1. Dave says:

    Once you turn the calendar page to June, you can close down the Padres season for one more year.

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