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We don’t know what to believe…but we will know soon if everything is alright with Lefty.

It was a stunner of a story on the PGA Tour at the Memorial.  FBI agents descending on the historic Jack Nicklaus course in Dublin, Ohio, to confront golfer Phil Mickelson.

This months after the golfer was pulled off a plane in New Jersey for questions too about his affiliation with a gambler.A rich player, has fun in Las Vegas, befriends a known gambler.  An athletes who likes the gaming tables, and likes to bet.

His friend, a longtime track record of gambling wins and gambling losses.  And an association with the CEO of Clorox.

And now all these questions about stock purchases, profits, and the red flag words “Insider Trading information”.

Mickelson says he is not a target, but did he benefit from deals?  Did he know what gambler-friend Billy Walters was doing.

Don’t jump to conclusions on this story till you get all the facts.  Yes there are too many good things that Phil Mickelson represents as golfer, businessman, father and husband.

But in this world in which we have come to lose faith in athletes who are pitched as one thing, and turn out to be something else, you wonder what he knew, what he did, did he profit from it?

Hard to believe Phil Mickelson is involved in this.  But then again it was hard to believe who Tiger Woods was and did, or what Alex Rodriguez became.  We know how all that turned out.

Until he is in front of a grand jury, I’ll sit and wait and hope he is on the fringe, and not involved at all.  Thinking this is a bogey of a story involving Phil.  Hoping all is right with lefty on this one.

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