Scandal of Scandals

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Stunning is the world that seems to fit the story coming out of Colorado Springs the last 24-hours.
A scandal of significant proportions at the Air Force Academy, held in such high esteem, for who they are, who they admit, and what those cadets put themselves thru getting ready to begin a career in harm’s way.
An investigation that has led to the expulsion of some 32-cadets, including 5-football players, 2 in basketball and a female athlete.
Probes of huge violations of the Academy Honor Code, in academics, and in life style. 
Drunken parties, marijuana abuse, date rape drugs, lies to investigators and academic irregularities. 
A difficult-to-accept story considering the honorable place we hold our service academies in.
Insinuations that winning football games led to the admittance of sub-standard recruits, who were stashed for a year at Air Force Prep, to get them eligible, but obviously not to keep them out of trouble.
Beating drug tests, alcohol abuse and sexual assaults on 3-female cadets are all part of the story. 
The demands on the cadets, academically, socially, and intellectually in Colorado Springs are significant.  No different than at Annapolis and West Point.
And although the horrors of the depths of this story, dating back to 2011, are significant, Navy and Army had dealt with similar issues too recently, academic fraud, and date rape issues.
Don’t know if we are wrong for holding Air Force-Navy-Army’s option quarterbacks to a higher standard.  They are young men, maybe prone to get involved in the same issues that have plagued places from Ohio State to Montana, and lots of schools in between.
Maybe we should not be stunned nor surprised in all this.  Young men, who make mistakes. 
But at first glance, when you read the report, it does shock you the dateline is Air Force Academy.
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