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Pull out any word from the dictionary to describe it and yes there were lots of ways to describe, awful.
When the best play the best, you usually get record performances.  And such was the case yesetrday in the World Cup.  Good news for Germany.  Horrid ending for Brazil.
Pick any adverb you want to describe the German 7-1 in over Brazil, knocking the home country favorite out of the tourney.
Astounding, embarrrasing, appalling, shocking.
Brazil had not lost a home international match in 57-outings.  That came to a crushing end early.  And when it was over, the German blitzkrieg win was the worst World Cup beating the boys from Brazil had suffered in 84-years.
It was the firebrand Thomas Muller scoring early; it was the record setting veteran Miroslav Klose following up, and then it was an onslaught of goals.
Germany scored 3-in 3-minutes.  Scored 5-goals in the first 29-minutes of a match, many thought would be a classic.  It was, for all the wrong reasons.
The highlite of the day was when they brought the jersey of injured superstar Neymar out of the tunnel, saluting him,  with them.  From then on, it was downhill.
The guys wearing yellow didn’t have their sniper, but it was more than just the loss of the goal scorer.  The Brazilian defense collapsed.  They were in shambles, as the guys wearing black and red roared thru open seams, uncontested.
The announcers were urging Brazil to kick someone, take a foul, stop the momentum.  It went on and on seemingly forever. 
Brazil lost its legs, its composure, its intensity and then its heart.  They look like they quit.
The fans cried, then they booed.  Coach Luis Solari could only say at the end, “excuse us for our negative mistake”.
The nation that was in hysteria at the start, because of this global matchup, was hysterical at the end with this horrid loss.
Pick any words you want.  Choke job, at home, when you soiled yourself on your own soccer soil.  
Brazil will never forget hosting the tourney, and surely will have a hard time forgetting what happened to their team too.
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