Spieth the Superstar

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The next US golf superstar has arrived.  The Masters wasn’t a fluke, the US Open trophy was earned.

Jordan Spieth, the 22-year old phenom from Dallas, ralled from a shaky double bogey 17th hole, to hit a key birdie shot at 18, and watched as the field faded away at the end of the day.

He was running uphill all day long, beating the field, and beating the course at the same time.  He didn’t  worry about harsh greens, basement bunkers, or all the swales on the greens.  The others faltered as he gained momentum.

He became the youngest golfer to win the US Open since 1923.  He was the youngest to claim the Masters and the Open since 1922.

Dustin Johnson had a chance to claim the trophy, but 3-putted on 18, going for the eagle to win, missing, then missing the follow up shot, to skid into a tie for second place, rather than a tie to force a full 18-hold playoff on Monday.  It was the 4th time in his young career, Johnson has been in the final four of a major  on the final day, only to fall short.

The stunner of the day was Louis Oosthuizen, who reeled off 6-birdies in a 7-hole sequence, but ran out time.

Rory McIlroy hit a 72′ putt late in the final round, seemed close to making a run to the top, but then went bogey-bogey, and was done.

The gallery gave a standing ovation to Jason Day, the Aussie, for his gusty three days of play.  He faded on Sunday, but he got up off the course, after feinting on Friday with vertigo problems.  He became ill 4-different times on Saturday, and found the fortitude to grind thru Sunday.  He wound up playing the final 43-holes while ill.

Phil Mickelson fell apart Saturday and finished a distant 64th.  Of course Tiger Woods wound up 152nd after going (80-76) in the opening two days.

But this weekend, and now this year belongs to Spieth.  Quiet, stoic, focused.  What he did at Augusta was rubber stamped by what he did in Tacoma.

Now you can’t wait to see the next one, the British Open, coming up soon.  A star in the making, and lots of great expectations on the horizon, thanks to Jordan Spieth.

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