Spring Break!

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… Hacksaw is on Spring Break …

  Returns Friday 4/24

See you then!


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2 Responses to “Spring Break!”

  1. Iris R Herman says:

    Lee, I really miss your radio show. My husband and I used to listen every morning. Now, instead of a sports talk radio show, 1090 has rant radio. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I switch to 1360 and sometimes I just turn the radio off. But one thing I know for sure, talk show radio is not as good without you. You provided insight and variety in a sports world that can become monotonous at times. Your show on the teenage joggers brought out safety features most people never think about. And your talk show on the fires and Shaun Merriman’s rebuilding contributions made me rethink my opinion about the young man.

    I thank you for the many years of enjoyable talk show and when you have another one I will be your #1 fan.

    Miss you and your opinions. Iris

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Thanks for your kind comments. I miss sportstalk radio and hope there will be a future opportunity. Having a blast doing my website here, and weekend sports on XETV-San Diego 6-join us for 10pm newsblocks on Saturday and Sunday nights.

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