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It never gets old – it’s never taken for granted either… They are a unique bunch.

They’re celebrating again… a year after most people said they were done.  End of an era they said, after they were vanquished by the Dream Team.

Yes there’s lots of mileage on the San Antonio Spurs.  Tim Duncan-Manu Ginobli-Tony Parker have been together a long time.  But in that time they have won the NBA title four times.  Twice the franchise has come back when it appeared their time had come to be broken up.

They are a unique eclectic franchise, these guys from the Alamo City.

Greg Popovich, the reclusive – often-condiscending coach, now has five championship rings.  Not bad for a guy who cut his teeth at places like Cal Poly Pomona and the Air Force Academy.

Peter Holt is a billionaire, behind the scenes owner.  RC Buford is the least likely known GM by anyone not in the inner circle in the NBA.

What is fascinating is how San Antonio keeps upgrading, just when you think they are in a downward cycle.  Aside from nagging injuries to Ginobli and some hamstring issues with Parker, Duncan has stayed free of harm, and has been the leader of this 3-Amigo group..

When they were getting older, they needed bulk, and went abroad and got Tiago Splitter.  When they needed defense, they dealt for Kawhi Leonard-the Aztec-whose complete game has made him a deadly combo player.  His scary offensive array and his relentless defense, a silent assassin.

Firepower off the bench from Danny Green and Patty Mills.

The Spurs haven’t tried to buy a team; they don’t have 1-man dominating their team.  In fact, they went where no one went initially, abroad, to get players.  There’s no Kobe-MJ or King James, but rather special players not from here, but from there.

France-Spain-Brazil…Italy-Argentina and the Virgin Islands.

There may be better players other places in the NBA.  There may be a flashier arena somewhere else.  There may be names in neon lights in other cities.

But in the tradition of what Red Auerbach did back in the day and what Phil Jackson has accomplished recently, what these guys have done is equally impressive.  The only thing that counts in San Antonio is the concept “team”…and of course the 5-diamond studded black and silver championship rings they wear.

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  1. Bill says:

    Bandwagon’s all full, Butterknife. You still think Kawhi is regretting not going to the Pacers? Where did that article go, by the way?

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