The Chargers – The Truth Hurts

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The right guy but the wrong job description.

Everyone has an opinion about what has transpired the last 48-hours in San Diego with the Chargers ownership group.

As San Diego’s Stadium Task Force was launching its financial proposal to build a new Stadium, the owner of the team was putting down more infrastructure to potentially move to Los Angeles.

Hiring Carmen Policy was a stroke of brialliance.

In Dean Spanos’ early years of leadership, after father Alex installed him with the job responsibility in 1994, he built alliances with two of the real bright minds on the West Coast. Policy, who was busy making things happen under Eddie DeBartolo’s ownership with the 49ers, was a trend-setter. Everything about the franchise, that was a Super Bowl power, was classy.

The other key contact was John Shaw, a power broker with the Rams, who did many wonderful things, but eventually was the man who delivered the team to St. Louis then disappeared into retirement.

Yes it’s been 14-years since Policy ran the NFL hallways with other execs, and the league business model has surely changed, but he is ‘a doer’.

What is sad is what has happened since Monday, the message that is starting to ring true, that Dean Spanos, for all the litany about wanting to stay in San Diego, really wants to be in Los Angeles where the money is.

Policy has worlds of experience in deal-making and will likely be a key deal-broker for all things in Los Angeles, whether it is Carson, or turns out to be as a co-tenant with the Rams in Inglewood.

As a side bar, the owner can put his oldest son AG in any job he wishes to give him. Nepotism is not wrong, I guess, if you are on the receiving end. Is he qualified to really be the President and CEO of an NFL team. Only time will tell.

In the end, Carmen Policy is a great hire, and would have been a great asset to help oversee the San Diego Stadium drive, or even to actually run the Joint Power Authority,. a leadership position for a new Stadium.

Unfortuantately, he is headed to Los Angeles, to over see the move of the team.

Yes, it’s the owners right to seek the best deal. It’s a shame the owner no longer feels loyalty to a city that has given him 50-years of support.

A shame Dean Spanos no longer cares about the town, considering how much the town cares about its NFL team.

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