The Commissioner Comes to San Diego

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The man is coming thru town tonite on his own personal farewell tour, and will be at Petco Park this evening.

Outgoing Commissioner Bud Selig will hold court in his final press conference, as he vists all the ballparks before heading into retirement.

The man causes reaction from virtually everyone about everything he ever did, and he’s not done yet.  Polarizing is part of his name.

Selig presided over tremendous growth in the industry, which used to be a 1B a year industry and is now worth 8B a season.

He helped create MLB Media and the growth of TV packages for virtually all the teams in the game.

September has become something special now with 4 wildcard playoff berths available in the two leagues.  The World Series at night draws great ratings.

After a decade of strife, there is drug testing at every level and increasing discipline too, for  steroids, amphetamines and HGH..

Sure there is stain over the cancellation of the ’94 season and the World Series…and the public black eye about black market drugs in the Dominican.

But he is not to blame for A-Rod, Ryan Braun, McGuire, or the liars infront of Congress.

Add the strife with umpires, the instant replay mess earlier in the year,the All Star game
fiasco, and the embarrassment of the McCourt-Dodgers era-error.  They were all on his watch.

So too is the sad sack stadiums issues in Oakland and in Tampa Bay, territorial rights, and firesale budgets..It’s always easy to take a shot at the man in the rumpled jacket, askew tie, with little camera presence.But more than anything Bud Selig cared, and it was a challenge to get all the owners and an always angry union to pull the rope in the same direction.

The old car dealer from Milwaukee rescued the Brewers back in the day, and history should write, he did much more positive than negative for baseball as its leader..

A classy gentleman in his own way, maybe the next honor for him might well be on the steps at Cooperstown.

The man would have many positive things to put on his plaque.

You’ve heard the phrase “the beer that made Milwaukee famous.  Bud Selig, the man who made Milwaukee and baseball proud.
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