The Future Begins Now

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Today is pretty important to the San Diego Chargers, but then again so will be tomorrow and the years after tomorrow.
Thursday’s NFL draft holds lots of intrigue for a Bolt team, desperate to make itself back into a playoff team, but realizing too, they have to begin preparing the the ‘life after’.
No one is going to die, but somewhere down the road, quarterback Philip Rivers will no longer be part of this franchise, and teams with aging starts QBs, at some point, have to begin the retro fit project to fill the position.
There will be no Jameis Winton nor Marcus Mariota press conferences with the Chargers.  But there very well could be a quarterback of the future arriving at Chargers Park sometime before Sunday night when the draft is done.
Much depends what happens with the Bolts lst round draft pick, whether it is a running back, or a star lineman.
The 2nd and 3rd round choices carry importance to this franchise, especially if one of those choices is spent on a quarterback for the future.
Brett Hundley of UCLA is a big rangy-raw athlete.  He put up great numbers as a virtual 1-man show with the Bruins, but lived in a lifetime shotgun alignment.  There will be a real learning curve for him under center, and you can ask Cam Newton, RGIII or even Michael  Vick about that.  He is big, rangy, and dynamic, but nowheres near ready.
Garrett Grayson may be the best pocket passer in  the group after carrying the Colorado State program for 3-years, is big, physical, with a strong pocket presence, intelligence and fire, somewhat of a throwback guy.
The great unknown is Baylor’s Bryce Petty, who put up huge numbers in the Bears spread formation.  But does he have strength of arm,can he learn to play under center, is he the next Sonny Cumbie or Kliff Kingsbury, who came out of similar offenses, but did not make it in the NFL.
And then there is Oregon State’s Sean Mannion, a (6’6) pocket passer, built much along the lines of Rivers, even with a slingshot delivery.  Strong arm, tremendous smarts, big in the pocket but apt enough to move around a bit, and has started for almost 4-years for the Beavers.
Sometime late Thursday or maybe first thing Friday, these quarterback’s come off the draft board.  The Chargers need to win now, but really need to win in the future and one of these quarterbacks, linked to Mike McCoy and Frank Reich, might be the best pick the team could make this week, to guarantee a good future in weeks-years to come.
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