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You can go to jail in the real world for ‘Insider Trading’, but this isn’t the real world, it’s just the National Football League.
So here we are, just a week away from the Chargers season opener against the Arizona Cardinals, and who is that on the practice field for the Bolts?  Former Big Red starting quarterback Ryan Lindley.
Just think of the possibilities.
The Chargers signed Lindley, the ex-Aztecs record setting quarterback, because they needed a 3rd team QB to run the scout team.  They know he is young, athletic, bright, competitive.
And they know he knows every tidbit of information of Bruce Ariens’ Cardinals offensive playbook. 
Lindley spent two years in Arizona, and wound up starting games because of injuries to the other QBs.  Force fed, he had good outings and some awful ones, typical of what young QBs go thru.  But he is a student of the game, a football junkie, and a man who knows what the Big Red will run. 
Yes, that Big Red team that will host the Chargers next Monday night.
The Chargers may like Lindley, may think he has a future, but they are taking from him this week, every fragment of information on play calls, formations, color codes, numberings, audibles that the Cardinals use.  He may not have arrived here with a Red & White playbook in his hand, but he has it in his mind.
How smart of the Chargers to move on Lindley.  How stupid of the Cardinals for cutting him last weekend, knowing they open the season against San Diego this weekend.  They could have hid him on the developmental squad for one week, then pink slipped him .  Granted the Cardinals signed ex-Bolt linebacker Thomas Keiser, and may be trying to steal some defensive information from him too.
Insider trading, the Bolts have it, the Cardinals may regret making it available.
The Chargers won’t go to jail with the data.  The Cardinals though may be taken to the woodshed, because of what Lindley knows and what the Chargers will do with their defense now that they have that knowledge.
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