The World Cup

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It all starts today.  The History is out there and they will be out there on the pitch too.

The beautiful game kicks off this afternoon in Brazil.  The World Cup.  The Golden Boot.  The Hand of God. The Man of the Game.

The next couple of weeks will show the global stage how great the game of soccer is.

The World Cup is Pele-who forever changed the game.  It is Brazil and its heritage players, Ziko, Dunga.  It’s Zenedine Zidene and Diego Maradona of Spain.  It’s Michel Platini and Thierry Henry and the French.

It’s Beckenbauer, Rummenigge, Voeller, Khan and Gert Muller and all things Germany.

It’s Gary Linekar and Bobby Charlton from England and Eusebio of Portugal.

It’s Landon Donovan and the 1950-US-team led by Walter Bahr.

It’s today’s stars too,  Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Costa, Neymar, Rooney, Chicharito.

Today starts an extravaganza of greatness in 11-different cities in Brazil.

There will be yellow cards, red cards, dives, and diving saves, sudden death shootouts, and Golden Goals..

Forget today about FIFA, corruption, bribes, unfinished stadiums, soccer hooligans and riots.

Today we see a showcase of one touch passing, speed, great goaltending, headers and bicycle kicks.  Think of flags flying, the summer samba of song, and spectacular skills.  The tension will be as thick as the heat and humidity.

The soccer purist will watch every minute of it.  If you’ve never sampled it, watch it, appreciate it, bet you’ll get hooked by it.  Today a true look at the beautiful game, the World Cup.

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