This and That on a busy Thursday

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Miami: Be careful what you wish for. All this maneuvering by the Miami Heat to try and create salary cap space so the Dream Team can add Carmelo Anthony as a big money free agent. Sounds great LeBron-DWade and Chris Bosh would take pay cuts to bring Melo to Miami. Have they seen Melo play. Ball goes inside to Anthony-offense breaks down as he goes 1-on-1 to create own shot. The guy hasn’t won anything in the NBA.

Bad Blood-you better believe it. So this morning at 9am…US-Germany in the World Cup. They don’t like each other, these coaches, Joachim Low and Jurgen Klinsmann, and I doubt either side is willing to play for a tie to move on. Klinsmann got fired twice over there-as German World Cup coach, and at Bayern Munich. Germany accused the US coach of stealing players to come play in America. And everyone knows the Germans have beaten up the US twice in World Cup games.

The NFL-they’re not guilty of anything. First they take no blame for hiding any information of in the decades of concussions and brain damage players had, but agree to a 765M-payment. Now they agree to reopen talks, do away with cap on the payments, and agree to payments every year going forward for the next 65 seasons to help modern day players. But they, the NFL, never did anything wrong.

The Freak. He’s not as good as he once was. But he’s as good once as he ever was. Tim Lincecum at his freakish best yesterday in the Giants no-hit win over the Padres. Don’t you hate the colors orange and black?

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