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From the Just Asking mailbag.
Marshawn Lynch-ever seen anyone run with the reckless abandon like the Beast, maybe not since the violent days of Earl Campbell?
Russell Wilson-some turnaround, from (1-8) 3 Interceptions in lst half, to (338-Y) offense in 2nd half-what was with Darrell Bevell play calls?
Mike McCarthy-with a power back like Eddie Lacy-James Shields, why settle for field goals with the ball at the Seattle 1-and-3 yard lines early in game?
Morgan Burnett-with the 4th quarter interception, why take a knee to stop a player when you could have run 15-20Y to set up a critical field goal?
Bill Belicheck-should we connect the dots in this ‘Deflate Gate’ ball issue to things like Tampering-Spygate-Illegal Formations?
LeGarrett Blount-if you can run like a pro in that playoff game, why can’t you stop creating problems-be a pro during the season with your coaches?
Colts-isn’t Andrew Luck suffering  from the same syndrome Peyton Manning suffered thru-not much true Pro Bowl talent around him?
Jim Irsay-shouldn’t your club shift its draft ideology-get bigger-tougher, in both offensive and defensive lines?
Asking a lawyer to intercede, if the Raiders won the 34M-lawsuit against the NFL, and the right to move, where does the NFL think they can block the Rams now?
Dean Spanos-if you are keeping score at home, who has contributed more to civic things in San Diego, Mark Fabiani or Steve Cushman?
Ray Rice-any phone calls yet from anyone wanting your services?
Adrian Peterson-Shouldn’t you quit suing the league for reinstatement and just get ready to play next year in Minnesota, child beater?
Aaron Hernandez-are you ready for ‘this is your life’ and the opening statements-testimony in the murder trial-what Channel is Court TV?
Raiders fans-are you hopeful with Jack Del Rio putting together a staff that might include Adam Gase and Eric Mangini?
Tampa Bay-with your number 1-pick, is Marcus Mariota a systems quarterback for a college program, and Jameis Winston the real deal?
Is Wisconsin RB-Melvin Gordon, the next coming of Marshawn Lynch, or will he be like Trent Alexander?

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