Wild Fires – Thurday May 15th

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It just doesn’t mean that much this morning…what’s happening there-because of what is happening here.

You watch the games, you might have a rooting interest, you are intrigued by the stories, you look forward to tonite.

At least you would, if it were not for the last 48-hours here in San Diego.

The Padres can stretch this winning streak to six straight if they sweep the doubleheader in Cincinnati.  Meanwhile, they walk thru the embers of burned out houses on Aviara Parkway in Carlsbad.

You wounder if the Clippers can rally in a must win game six tonite vs Oklahoma City. As you wonder how families will cope returning to burned out streets in Coronado Hills outside of San Marcos.

You think of the chaos that is abut to begin when the Rams open their mini-camp for rookies and people like TMZ and Deadspin was access to gay defensive end Michael Sam. You worry about the fatigue of firefighters who have been at it for nearly 48-straight hours in 100-degree heat and low humidity on the fire lines.

You discuss the on going saga of Donald Sterling, the inner rage still there about what he has said. You feel inner pain for friends, or co-workers, or just people you don’t know who have to return home to smell their burned out neighborhoods.

Sports ia a great outlet, but this morning sports is so insignificant. In 2007, my neighborhood burned to the ground..13-of-16 on my street went down, I got burned getting out at 4-30am. I cannot stand the smell of smoke. I sat up late-watching the fires on the rims of the canyons across Lake Hodges, hoping they didn’t jump the hills and come my way again. We’ll pay attention to the games today and tonite, but we won’t feel the excitement nor joy, knowing the suffering, and knowing a third straight day of this looms ahead. For this day, I don’t care about the games, the players, the outcomes. Neither should you.

The dateline should not be Staples Center-Great American Ballpark-or Indy speedway. It should be here.

What is important is the Red Cross fund raising drive, food-shelter and most importantly friendship and a helping hand in a time of terrible need.

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