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NFL Draft Day is upon us, and your team, my Chargers, have needs everywhere.  Lucky for you, this 2015 draft board is deep in the areas your team-my team has the most needs.
You’re not trading quarterback Philip Rivers to get the chance at Marcus Mariota.  But you might make a trade, to jump higher into the second round of the draft.
With the 17th selection, you have a choice, dependent on what happens just above you.  Your Chargers definitely need a heavy duty running back, and both Todd Gurley-Georgia, and Melvin Gordon-Wisconsin are legit first rounder’s.  But Gurley may be gone, if the the rumors are right, maybe as high as pick 15-to Miami, despite the late season knee surgery.  Gordon would be there then for you at the 17th slot, and I would take him for my team..
But if both running backs are gone, you are going to get a shot at a pretty good offensive lineman.  There will be a run on the grunt guys probably in spots 8-thru-15.  Even if there are, you probably get a shot at nasty offensive center Cam Erving-Florida State, or Ereck Flowers, the thick tackle-guard out of Miami.  It would solidify your offensive line for years.
The other side of your line is woeful, and though it is not a sexy pick, your team might get an opportunity at a defensive tackle.  Florida State massive defensive tackle Eddie Goldman is not a national name, but he is a wide-body, take up space, tough to block nose tackle.  So is Arik Armstead, a very active nose tackle from Oregon, though his stock has gone up the board.  And a third one might be there, Malcom Brown, under-rated but versatile from Texas.
And once you get done picking a player who comes in and plays immediately, you should think about packaging your 2nd round choice (48) and your third round pick (83) tomorrow and trading higher to the top of the second round.  That second tier of players is pretty good, and you can fill a need there too.  
But first things, first.  What are you going to do tonite in the 7pm hour when your pick comes up?. 
Protecting Rivers (OL), helping Rivers (RB), and fixing a defense to go get the ball back for Rivers (DT) all seem like priorities.  At least on my team they would be.  
How about yours, since you are the General Manager, making the pick for the Chargers this evening.  You are on the clock.
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