Bonus Coverage – Friday January 16th, 2015

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Highlights-Quotes from Padres-All Star Game Press Conference

Mayor Kevin Faulconer

…We got this done because of support from private-public sector.
…We will show off Petco Park to the entire world that night.
…This is about San Diego-home of HR Derby-Futures Game-Fan Fest.
…This will generate $80M to San Diego economy-reserving 16,000-hotel rooms.
…We generated 100M for San Diego with the Winter Meetings.
…Yes San Diego City Council committed $1.5M-Bid (investment) for chance to create 80M in revenue in this city.
…We had a very short window to do this when Baltimore pulled out-we got it done.
…Comic-con..Super Bowl..Winter Meetings..All Star games..we know how to put on shows.
…Getting All Star game prime example of need for the Convention Center annex.
…The 3rd largest revenue producer for our Tourism Tax is hotels-more conventions-more hotels.

Owner Ron Fowler

…This is great day to be a Padre.
…I asked Bud Selig for the chance to make an All Star bid the first day we owned this team.
…Most cities plan this out in a 6-year span-we did it inside 2-years.
…Bud Selig said San Diego won because they put in the Best Bid-not because we named the Palm Tree Plaza for him.
…You don’t know-Bud Selig kept the Petco Park construction on track during all the lawsuits.
…Yes, we should have thought more about the Selig honor-maybe honor him inside the Stadium
…San Diego was not top of mind to MLB offices-till they saw what we did with Winter Meetings.
…I have never done a ‘Quid-pro-Quo’ deal..we did not honor Selig as a tradeoff for All Star game.
…The Ketchup is out of the bottle on the Selig situation-we move on.
…MLB says the Winter Meetings will come back to San Diego in a rotation of cities.

Mike Dee-President

…You would not believe the thick book of proposals we had to do to get the All Star game here.
…Enormous dedication Padres staff and Mayor’s office.
…We had to navigate thru a maze to come up with 16,000 hotel rooms-the Mayor helped alot.
…We have a template of success with the Padres-Petco Park..World Baseball Classic..Winter this.
…San Diego is a destination point-there are changing winds-new leadership at MLB headquarters in NY.
…MLB top execs did a sight check-walkthru of Petco Park during Winter Meetings..they saw things they did not know
    existed here.
…HR Derby-they will hit them at Petco Justin Upton said..’You hit a HR at Petco-it’s a real HR”
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