Tuesday November 28th, 2014

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Check your calendar, clear the desk, get ready for a historical couple of weeks of stories in the NFL.  Not about games on the field, but lawsuits, trials, and arbitration hearings off the field.
November 1st….Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Petersons goes on trial for child abuse in the beating of his 4-year old son with a stick, injuries to four different parts of the boys body.  Peterson thinks he will be back on the field in late November.  He might be in jail by then.
November 5th…Baltimore Ravens former running back Ray Rice has his two day arbitration appeal hearing, over the knockout punch of this then fiancé in an elevator.  Commissioner Roger Goodell has been ordered to testify in front of an independent arbitrator about what he knew, when he knew it, what video he saw, what Rice did or did not tell him, in an ugly incident that has had nationwide repercussions.
November 17th…Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy goes on trial for felony domestic abuse of his girlfriend, an assault that involved threats, injuries and guns.  He remains under suspension.
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