Chargers Timeline-NFL Moves to LA

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Recap of what happened in Houston
Owners arrive…Committee on LA meets to review Hollywood Park-vs-Carson proposals.
Dallas owner Jerry Jones proposes Rams-Chargers co-share Hollywood Park. Proposes ‘Golden Parachute’ for Raiders ownership to bow out.
Roger Goodell enters Committee meeting to review decision coming up
Committee sets 550M-price tag for any team moving into LA market…to be paid over 10Y-period.
Committee also reveals, teams that filed application to move, had to agree they would not sue league once decision made; also teams vacating market-couldnot block NFL from allowing other teams to move into San Diego-St. Louis-Oakland.,

Committee makes presentation to full owners on both sights.

Stan Kroenke addresses owners about Hollywood Park.

Dean Spanos-Bob Iger-Carmen Policy address owners-Hollywood.

Mark Davis talks to owners about his needs.
Committee then recommends Carson as their choice.
Owners first vote (20-12) for Hollywood Park-not enough to pass.
Committee-Goodell-meet with Spanos-Policy-Davis-tell them they will not accept Carson proposal.
Committee then begins negotiating buyout of Mark Davis to exit LA deal. Comes up with 100M-additional NFL funding for Davis to use either in Oakland, or if he moves. Also waives territorial fee if he moves.
Committee tells angry Spanos he will get additional 100-NFL loan to use if he stays in San Diego.
Committee gives Spanos first choice to join Kroenke in Hollywood Park-at cost of 800M-his share consturction fee and 550M-territorial fee. Spanos can accept Inglewood offer-or wait a year till January 2017. Move would give Kroenke a year’s head start though to sell Skybox-Corporate Sponsorships etc.
2nd Vote is taken…Secret Ballot is used…(30-2) vote for Hollywood Park.
Press Conference held with details of vote.
Spanos issues EMail to Season ticket holders in San Diego-asking for patience while team decides future.
Mayor says door open for talks with Chargers, but he will not take part in a ‘charade’ if Spanos intent is still to move to LA and Hollywood Park.
Reports NFL steps in to help Chargers negotiate equitable deal to co-share Rams Stadum.
Reports ‘framework’ of deal in place for Chargers move.
Owner Dean Spanos returns to San Diego-meets with employees-only brief mention of ‘options’ team has.l
Mayor Kevin Faulconer says he is seeking fresh start in talks with Spanos….Past doesn’t matter-just the future……Says any proposal for downtown stadium will take 5-years to come together….Land acqusiiton-toxic land problems….financing……voter initiative.

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