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Quotes from Stadium Task Force-Chairman Adam Day
…Qualcomm sight is the best sight of the two after four weeks of evaluation.
…We met with 12-different groups to look at plans, blueprints, designs, cost factors.
…East Village-MTS sight would take too much time, is too complicated, too much cost involved.
…We are saving $250M off the top because we would not have to purchase land to build in Mission Valley.
…It would have cost us $150M just to buy the MTS sight and then we had to find land to relocate them.
…JMI told us it would cost another $100M to buy adjacent property to complete the project in East Village.
…The Hotel Tax issue was not the reason we turned away from downtown sight.
…We can develop the Qualcomm sight into many things, a stadium, business, retail and a San Diego Riverwalk Park.
…This sight is transit friendly for what is built here.
…We’d like to develop a “Q” community that encompasses many things at the Mission Valley sight.
…Mission Valley is already zoned for what we need to do.
…The Chargers have told us they would be willing to work on development of either of the sights.
…The media reports that the Chargers want to be downtown and downtown alone are not correct.
…The Chargers turned to downtown after the 2006 problems with City Attorney Mike Aguirre who said the city would sue.
…The Chargers position as relayed to me was ‘neutral’…’agnostic’.
…No sight is perfect, this is the best sight.
…Difficult does not mean impossible in any of these projects.
…We have to develop a plan quickly because of the Carson situation.
…Alot of the 166 acres at the Stadium sight can be developed to pay for the stadium.
…This entire project could become a village within a city.
…There are no complex problems with the toxic land nor the floodplain.
…This sight can become a crown jewel
…We don’t need a roof over this stadium, so that is a cost-saving.  It was a cost problem for downtown.
…The Chargers have told us in private meetings, they were open to developing a stadium here..the media said they preferred downtown.
…Every member of our task force will attest to the fact Mr. Fabiani said we were neutral on a site location.  I imagine the Mayor would attest to the same thing.
…Our role is not to negotiate with the Chargers, but to give the Mayor the best plan possible.
…This mayor asked for a sight and how to finance it-that is what we are doing.
Mark Fabiani-Chargers-in Email to Associated Press.
…On the Qualcomm-vs-Downtown site, we’ve really tried to make our point of view clear repeatedly over the last couple of years.
…There isn’t anything to add today.
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