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– NFL Preview of Games –

Kansas City-Buffalo

  • This could be a real street fight…Both teams with very tough defenses…the Chiefs with an extraordinary pass rush…the Bills with a brick wall of a run defense…Alex Smith has the edge at QB over Kyle Orton…the big question how many sacks does KC get?  Chiefs to win on road.

San Francisco-New Orleans

  • Who could have believed these two teams would both be (4-4)…49ers offense has just never come together, and all the problems on defense with injuries and suspensions have left them a shell of what they use to be…Drew Brees plays very well at home…RB-Mark Ingram has ramped it up running the ball..and Saints defense in the dome seems much better than on the road…Jim Harbaugh may be looking at the 5th loss of the season.


  • The Dolphins slugged the Chargers last week, but this is on the road, and the Lions seem to be getting healthy with WR-Calvin Johnson and RB-Reggie Bush now both back…Just don’t think QB-Ryan Tannehill will have a good day, not with that Lions front seven on defense taking shots at him.  Lions win.


  • QB-Tony Romo wants to play, but shouldn’t…but the Cowboys cannot afford another setback with Brandon Weeden at the controls…the Jaguars rookie QB Blake Bortels is starting to show some wear-and-tear from all the sacks, hits, pressures, turnovers.  Cowboys to win but it might be closer than you think.


  • This has been a really disappointing first season for Ken Whisenhunt, the mess at quarterback, injuries in his OL, and a malaise that won’t go away.  He maintains his team has to get jacked up and play angry, but it won’t matter.  Joe Flacco can throw, the Ravens front seven is getting healthy and tougher to matchup against.  Baltimore beats them up.


  • This is a vaslty different Steelers team now with the emergence of kid WRs Marcus Wheaton and Martavius Bryant to go with Antonio Brown and TE Heath Miller, and lest we forget the two tough guy running backs.  The Jets are a disaster on offense, with Michael Vick not what he used to be, a stumbling run game, and not much offense.  Who would think a Rex Ryan team would lose 9 in a row.  That will happen this weekend.

Atlanta-Tampa Bay

  • The Falcons may be entering a phase of playing every week to save Coach Mike Smith’s job.  They have Matt Ryand, but not much else on a battered offense.  The Bucs are changing quarterbacks again, and just have not found themsleves.  Falcons will finally win a game.


  • Derek Carr is the only credibile thing the Raiders have on the roster.  He competes, has not been hurt, doesn’t rattle, and keeps rookie mistakes to a minimum.  They have the QB of the future, but they don’t have 52-other quality players.  The Broncos have a whole roster full of firepower people.  Denver wins.

St. Louis-Arizona

  • The Rams somehow, someway, beat Seattle.  That won’t happen again.  No one will take them lightly, especially not Arizona, which now has the best record in the NFL, and that is important heading to postseason.  Mighty they host their own Super Bowl appearance?  Cardinals can do it.

NY Giants-Seattle

  • This is a terrible way for Tom Coughlin’s career to end, three straight non-playoff seasons, but Jerry Reese’s roster is a mess, Eli Manning has little help, injuries, a poor defense and now attitude issue plague the Blue.  The Seahawks are not what they were before, but are still pretty good.  Seattle slams them.

Green Bay-Chicago

  • Aaron Rogers says his hamstring is better, but both his OGs are hurt.  Chicago is hurting with injuries-age on defense, and they have Jay Cutler, who seems destined to forever be a big stat-quarterback who loses games.  Packers paste them.


  • There is Cam Newton in Charlotte and not much else, no WRs to speak of, a banged up RB-brigade, and little pass rush and holes on defense.  Mark Sanchez, it is your team now with Nick Foles out with the shoulder injuryu for much of the rest of the season.  Bet Sanchez shows the form of his early Jets career, when he was good with good players around him.  Eagles to soar.

– Thursday night football –

  • Bengals-L-Browns (24-3)…Horrible outing at home by Cincinnati QB-Andy Dalton (10-33) 84P…3-Int-2QBX…Browns QB-Brian Hoyer (198P)…Cleveland added (170R) on ground.
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