Friday September 5th, 2014

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Sneak Preview – Opening Weekend of the NFL season.

  • Chargers-Arizona…Bolts will have their hands full with Cardinals firepower on offense.  Arizona has an established QB-Carson Palmer, the explosive young RB-Bruce Ellington, and the big time WRs Larry Fitzgerald-Michael Floyd.  But Arizona has problems with the interior of their defense, with the season ending injury to DT-Darnell Dockett, the year long suspension of LB-Daryll Washington, an overweight John Abraham, an underachieving Dan Williams, and an injury to LB_Kevin Minter.  Philip Rivers will face a challenge throwing on CBs Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie, but it won’t be a problem.  San Diego is going to run the ball until Arizona’s eyes water and its nose bleeds.  Palmer and company won’t get on the field.  It will be like what San Diego did to Denver.  Bolts in an upset win in Arizona.
  • Colts-Broncos…Let’s get the facts straight, Andrew Luck is not Peyton Manning.  Let’s also remember the Broncos have changed the defensive persona to ‘street tough’.  Colts have had real injury problems at OL-LB-WR in camp.  Broncos in blowout.
  • Browns-Steelers…You’d normally say ugly, but not right now.  Steelers defense has been poor in preseason and RB situation shaky.  But these are the Browns and they have big time issues on offense, Brian Hoyer, Josh Gibson suspension etc.  And the history.  Ben Roethlisberger (17-1) vs Browns all time.  Cleveland (1-13) in Pittsburgh since 2001.  Bad start for the Johnny Football era.
  • Cincinnati-Baltimore…Time for QB-Andy Dalton to start earning his big time money  contract.  Lots of new faces on Ravens retooled defense.  Joe Flacco comes out throwing.  Should be wild, but Ravens win.
  • Bears-Bills…Jay Cutler has lots more weapons to use on offense and those DEs, Jared Allen and Lamarr Houston will get after it.  Buffalo offense too young and bunch of missing people on defense.  Chicago can and will win.
  •  New England-Miami..Tom Brady seems to have better sync now with young WRs, and the Gronk is back at TE.  Rebuilt and healthy Patriots defense.  Miami still has unanswered questions in OL and on DL.  Pats blast them.
  • Raiders-Jets…Oakland rented an offensive unit, and there will be veterans around the kid QB-Derek Carr, but that is Rex Ryan’s defense he will have to face, and Jets front on defense is violent.  Raiders have not won game in Eastern Time Zone since 2009-lost 13-row…Jets jolt them bad.
  • Minnesota-St Louis…Game matchup is Adrian Peterson vs everything that the Rams have on defense under new coordinator Gregg (Bounty Club) Williams.  Rams though don’t have QB-Sam Bradford.  Enthused about the new leadership of Mike Zimmer-Norv Turner, like having co-head coaches.  Vikings in an upset win.
  • Jaguars-Eagles…Chip Kelly has a year under his belt running this package and he adds Darren Sproles in place of DeSean Jackson.  Jacksonville has new players, but not enough of them.  Green & White out of the gate quick.
  • Redskins-Texans…Great matchup…QB-RG3 vs Clowney-Watt-Reid-Cushing.  Griffin has struggled to learn how to play in the pocket.  Think this will be a bad experience.  Houston in upset.
  • Chiefs-Titans..We will find out what life after RB-Chris Johnson will be like in Tennessee, and what life under Ken Whisenhunt will be like.  Chiefs did not have good camp, nagging injuries, but they kept 5-RBs, so they may try powerball attack for awhile.  KC has to replace 3-OL and deal with injuries.
  • Cowboys-49ers..Just what the doctor ordered.  Niners have had camp of distractions, injuries, suspensions, arrests, and have not played well.  Neither has Dallas’ defense, which gave up (415Y) per game last year and might be even worse this year.  San Fran can.
  • Saints-Falcons..This will be bombs away-Drew Brees against Falcons struggling defense.  Atlanta gets WR-Julio Jones back from foot injury for QB-Matt Ryan, but RB situation is iffy, and they have OL issues.  Might be a wild scoring affair.  Brees is (13-4) vs Atlanta in career.  Saints come storming out of the gate.
  • Panthers-Tampa Bay…A who knows game.  QB-Cam Newton has fractured ribs and missed practice.  No one has an idea what Bucs (mystery meat) offense will be like and coordinator Jeff Tedford won’t be there, while dealing with health issues.  Panthers defense to wreak havoc and wreck Bucs.
  • Giants-Lions..Eli Manning and new West Coast offense had just 2-quality quarters of work in 5-games, and that is not a good sign. Eli meet Ndomakong Suh.  Giants, chewed up by injuries, will have to deal with new-look Jim Caldwell led offense with gun-slinger QB-Matt Stafford.  Lions to put a scowl on Tom Coughlin’s face.

– Thursday Nite Recap –

  • Seahawks-W-Packers (36-16)…Seattle took over control in 2nd quarter and beat up-beat down Packers..Marshawn Lynch runs (110Y)…Percy Harvin (100 APY)…QB-Russell Wilson (191P)…Green Bay defense wore down from 2nd quarter on…Packers lose RT-TE-RB with injuries in game..Seattle has won 18-of-19 gmes at Century Link Field….Seahawks come to San Diego next weekend.
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2 Responses to “Friday September 5th, 2014”

  1. Wayne Baxter says:

    Just Favorited your site. Used to listen to you back in Toronto on the Fan590 with Mike Hogan. Enjoyed those segments. Hoping the G-men can beat the Lions. Go Chargers!

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Do some weekend NFL notebook segments now with Mike Hogan on TSN1050 radio…check with him for schedule

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