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It is a big time rivalry in the Big Apple.  New York, Manhattan, New Jersey are died in the wool ‘blue fans’, rooting for the Giants.  Long Island and parts of Connecticut are ‘green’ rooting for the Jets.  
Some of it has to do with history; the Giants used to play at Yankees Stadium, been in existence since the 1930s.  The Jets, from the upstart AFL, played out on the island for decades, Shea Stadium, home of the Mets etc.
The Jets trained out on Long Island; the Giants facility had been in the Garden State across the river from Manhattan..
Sure they are both co-tenants now at the new Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey.
But they are foes, they dislike each other, and now they are both in trouble.
This bears watching, what happens, when both teams clean house in January after both fail to make the playoffs.  Rex Ryan, his mouth and his bluster will be out when the Jets season ends.  Tom Coughlin, with 2-Super Bowl trophies, will be asked to retire from the Giants.
Let the competition begin.
Who is available to replace them?  This will be some bidding war to watch.  Bill Cowher, the longtime Steelers coach will get a phone call to see if he wants to leave the comforts of CBS.  Jim Harbaugh, in the middle of a cold war with ownership and his front office, might be available in San Francisco.  And then there is Jon Gruden, an annual name on everyone’s list.  Of course, a veteran coach, a-la-Mike Shanahan remains a name to consider too, considering the big picture track record. 
All four would have to be given player personnel power, but the GMs of the Giants and Jets are also in jeopardy.
The wildcard in all this, a consultant.  Amongst the icon names out there, who might be willing to help, Bill Parcells, who coached both teams; Ernie Accorsi, a former GM of the Giants; and Bill Polian, architect of great teams in Buffalo and Indianapolis.  
Jets owner Woody Johnson, who has made alot of mistakes, and the Tish-Mara family of the Giants, may want an outside opinion on all this.
This will be a bit more important than playing for the Mayor’s Trophy, the preseason game the two teams play in August.  Yes, it’s been an awful season for football fans in the Tri-State.  This will be a fun offseason to watch who gets hired by the Jets and Giants.
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