Monday February 16th, 2015

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Today is the lst day NFL teams can franchise-tag their in-house free agents, taking them off the open market.

NFL rules that a player gets the average of the Top 5-players salaries at his position, for a 1-year franchise tag.
A club can tag a player with the exclusive tag that locks him up, or a team can tag a player, have the right to match the contract offer, or receive two first round draft picks, as compensation..
Kansas City is rumored ready to tag LB-Justin Houston (22QBX) but it would cost them 14M-cap space.
Denver might tag WR-Demariyus Thomas at the same number.
Green Bay’s explosive WR-Randall Cobb is also an unrestricted free agent.
Detroit likely won’t tag DT-Ndomakong Suh, because his number would explode to a cap figure of 26.9M.
Dallas is in a tense situation, because they have to deal with both WR-Dez Bryant and RB-DeMarco Murray, and might not be able to afford to keep both.
Players tagged, can still negotiate a multi year extension with their club, at which point the tag is removed, and the player can sign the multi year deal.
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