Monday February 2nd, 2015

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Storylines to pay attention to now that the Super Bowl is over. 

  • Roger Goodell…Discipline to Marshawn Lynch for his defiance over dress code rules at Super Bowl and his refusal to cooperate with Media.
  • NFL lawyer Ted Wells completing probe of ‘Deflate Gate’ within two weeks, and possible discipline against Patriots.
  • NFL draws line in san with Stan Kroenke-Owners agreed to vote on any franchise moves-Rams cannot move unilaterally.
  • NFL suspension Josh Gordon-alcohol troubled WR-Cleveland-would be third suspension.
  • NFL arbitration hearing filed by Vikings RB-Adrian Peterson seeking immediate reinstatement without having to go to further counseling.
  • NFL discipline over Jets possible tampering by discussing Darrelle Revis-Patriots-becoming a free agent.
  • NFL discipline Atlanta Falcons for intentionally pumping crowd noise into Georgia Dome when opposing teams have the ball.
  • NFL owners vote on adding 2-more wildcard playoff teams for 2015-season.
  • NFL competition committee to meet to discuss Lions-Cowboys proposal that Instant Replay should be used on penalty calls-hits to QB head-Pass Interference-Defensive holding.
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