Pro Football Notebook—-Preview Week 4-NFL

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Chargers-Browns….Lucky for San Diego this Cleveland team is on the schedule.  If the Chargers are a disappointment on defense, then Cleveland is even worse.  Just horrid numbers.  Philip Rivers should go crazy against a bad Browns defense.  Maybe Johnny Manziel gets playing time, and makes it interesting.

Saints-Cowboys….Drew Brees-vs-Tony Romo sure looked like a great TV matchup in the offseason.  Neither one is there now.  Does Luke McCown-vs-Brandon Weeden want to make you watch.  New Orleans is an absolute defensive nitemare, again, under Rob Ryan.

Denver-Minnesota…The Broncos are quietly scrapping the “we gotta run the football” philosphy.  Peyton Manning is throw lots and more out of the gun than under center.  Good matchup coming though, the Broncos pretty good front seven on defense against Adrian Peterson.

Bengals-Chiefs…It’s pretty early for a must-win game but Kansas City cannot afford to go to (1-3).  This is a pretty good test for Andy Dalton and his diverse run-pass offense, because the Chiefs will send people after him.

Eagles-Redskins…They’re screaming in both cities, about the erratic Eagles offense, and the mistake prone Redskins QB-Kirk Cousins.  Maybe Philly will put it together this week, or maybe the Redskins will steal a game with its running backs and defense.

Green Bay-San Francisco….Going in opposite directions, these NFC teams.  Aaron Rodgers is firing on all cylinders.  Colin Kaeperneck is firing interceptions, with little help around him.

Cardinals-Rams…Carson Palmer meet Chris Long and the Rams fierce pass rush.  Arizona tries to go to (4-0) and it looks as it RB-Chris Johnson, the ex-Titan, has rediscovered his talent level.  St. Louis does not have much offense and that’s a problem.

Jets-Miami…..This game is in London and should be a good one.  Ryan Tannehill, the Miami big throwing quarterback, against the hyper-active Jets front and pass rushisng linebackers.

Colts-Jaguars…Andrew Luck found a way to get a win last week, but then got hurt.  If he cannot play, Jacksonville just might win.

Carolina-Tampa Bay….Cam Newton throws, Cam Newton runs, and it’s meant 3-straight wins.  The coming out party of young QB-Jameis Winston has been slow and painful, and now he’s lost RB-Doug Martin again.

Bills-Giants…Eli Manning has receivers, tight ends and now some young running backs.  Buffalo has Rex Ryan and alot of defensive pressure.  This battle of New York will be fun.  It does look like Bills QB-Tyrod Taylor is the real deal.

Raiders-Bears….Hard to believe Oakland could be (3-1) by Sunday night.  Derek Carr-to-Amari Cooper lookis impressive.  So did RB-Latavius Murray last week (129Y) rushing.  The Bears hit an all time low when starting QB-Jimmy Clausen threw for just (63Y) in the air.

Atlanta-Houston….Matt Ryan meet JJ Watt.  But this game is much more than that, especially since the Falcons are more balanced run-throw than they have been in a long time.  And Houston is no longer what they used to be…good.

Seahawks-Detroit….Everybody has an opinion on Detroit.  They’re (0-3) because of the coach, the coordiantor, the gun slinger QB, or a poor run game or a poor defense.  Now they face Seattle, fast tracking to return to NFC-prominence.



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