Pro Football Notebook–Preview Week 8-NFL

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Chargers-Ravens…What next? Starting against the easiest part of the schedule, the Bolts got sand-blasted by the Raiders, a horrendous home field loss…..Now they face an equally troubled Baltimore Ravens team…..Whereas injuries have wrecked San Diego again, offensive line and defensive backs, player defections-turnover have caught up with Baltimore. The salary cap, free agency, injuries and management decisions have cut the roster to the bone….This shapes up as Philip Rivers against Joe Flacco, both throwing against really bad secondary’s…Look for RB-Melvin Gordon to resurface and run the ball against a no longer formidable defense…San Diego’s blitz may have a tough time getting to Flacco, for if Baltimore has any strength, it’s the people infront of him….Both are out of the playoffs, so (2-5) vs (1-6) is all about pride and professionalism.

Denver-Green Bay….The Broncos easy part of the schedule is over, and (6-0) is not all that impressive, now they play real people, in the (6-0) Packers….This is Denver’s pass rush vs Green Bay’s ability to get the ball down the field without Aaron Rodgers taking sacks…Peyton Manning is the 32nd rated quarterback in the NFL (7TD-10Int), so Wade Phillips defense must make the difference.

Chiefs-Lions…Detroit blew up its offensive coaching staff…Look for them to come out throwing….Kansas City has to live off its defense with very little of a running game….KC (2-5)..Detroit (1-6).

Raiders-Jets…Upbeat after their beat down win in San Diego, the Raiders come home to face a different challenge, a Jets defense that gets after it…..The front seven is massive and tough, so this should be some street war between the Raiders OL-vs-New York’s DL….Great matchups with Revis-vs-Amari Cooper….An Oakland win could get thinking wildcard playoffs….Jets need a bounce back win after nearly beating the Patriots.

Bengals-Steelers…Ben Roethlisberger hopes to start and finish the game, coming off the sprained knee….Andy Dalton and his diverse offensive skill players are going to attack the young Pittsburgh’s defense…Great matchup Le’Veon Bell running against Cincy defensive front.

Seahawks-Dallas…Russell Wilson is still taking lots of sacks and now he faces an angry Greg Hardy and a Cowboys pass rush….Marshawn Lynch is coming off a big run game weekend, and they will need him….Cowboys are in crisis mode on offense at quarterback, though Matt Cassell will start again despite last week’s picks.

49ers-Rams….St. Louis rookie RB-Todd Gurley tries to make it 4-straight 100-yards game….Colin Kaeperneck’s free fall will likely continue against a very good Rams defense.

Giants-Saints…Tom Coughlin somehow has his team in lst place in the division, despite all of its woes on offense and with injuries…Drew Brees is trying to carry the Saints offense by himself…..Eli Manning runs hot and runs cold.

Vikings-Bears….Teddy Bridgewater continues to grow, Adrian Peterson continues to run, and Jay Cutler continues to see all his skill receivers go down with injuries…Bears ugly rebuilding season continues with another loss.

Titans-Texans….Marcus Mariota hopes to play….Brian Hoyer will have to play without RB-Arian Foster, so now in a 12-month span, all the key offensive pieces are gone from Houston, from Matt Schaub, to Andre Johnson, and now Foster.

Falcons-Bucs…Atlanta hasn’t played very well the last couple of weeks, but RB-Davonte Freeman has, with more than 900-yards rushing already….Jameis Winston and Doug Martin are forming a strong pass-run combo, though Tampa Bay has injury problems at wide receiver.

Arizona-Cleveland…Now Josh McCown is ailing with shoulder problems, as if Mike Pettine didn’t have enough issues to deal with….The Cardinals look like a complete team, throwing and running, and look as good as anyone in the NFC right now.

Miami-New England….The Dolphins personality has undergone a complete makeover in two weeks time….Tough guy run game with Lamar Miller, an attack mode QB in Ryan Tannehill, and an inspired Ndomakong Suh defensive group….But this game is up there, in New England, and that is Tom Brady, with Gronk, and those smurf wide receivers who are catching everything (Edelman-Amendola) and Brandon LaFell returns too. This becomes a true test as to how long Miami can stay in this game, and view themselves as a wildcard team.

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