Pro Football Notebook-Tuesday-9/29

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Chargers Coach Mike McCoy Press Conference Quotes

Looked at Films of Minnesota game-the desire, the effort were all there, we just made too many mistakes in all 3-phases of the game.

Team will work hard as ever this week to clean up the mistakes.

Coaching staff will be brutally honest,  about where we are falling short in two losses and what must be done, including changing personnel groupings.

Philip Rivers did not get hurt, did not reinjure his ribs, back or chest from last year, he just had the wind knocked out of him.

He was pissed I called timeout.  He is good to go.

I’ve never seen so many players at one group go down with injuries (5-offensive lineman)….we had an incident a couple of years ago where we ran out of lineman in a game.

Johnnie Troutman may be close to full practice, and he could be one of the solutions.

We will give this a couple of days to evaluate our injured offensive lineman, and may make moves accordingly, someone from outside, someone from practice squad.

I am so impressed when you look at those lineman who went down, kept getting up, willing to do anything to stay on field and help the team.

The player’s health is always first.  I let our medical people evaluate the players with concussions.  I don’t know if Dunlop or Green are ‘concussion prone’.

Yes we coaches talked about a 7-day concussion list, but I won’t tell you what we said.  It has been discussed.  Leave it at that.

I thought the two last cornerbacks we had left played really well, Patrick Robinson especially.

Brandon Flowers knee started to bother him on the plane flight, that is why we held him out.

Run defense can be ‘hit and miss’…we made plays, then Peterson breaks off 10-20-43 yards…he does that to alot of teams.

We have to do a better job of setting the edge and holding up.

Penalties are put of football, but dead ball penalties are not.  We have to teach our young players about that.  Offsides, special teams mistakes, personal fouls.

Offensive lineman take alot of time to develop.  Every team now has great speed at the outside rush position, and you also have to hold up inside against strong physical rush guys.

Losing sucks, it’s not why we play, no one goes out with the intention of losing.

The season’s not over because we lost on Sunday.  This is a 16-game schedule.



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