Thursday December 11th, 2014

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Highlites of the NFL’s new Code of Conduct.It is a privledge to play in the NFL.  You will not damage our game.
We will provide you education and paid resources to get you and your family help.

If you are convicted-you will be disciplined.

Acts of violence.
Verbal or physical threats
Stalking or harrassmentIllegal possession of guns, alcohol, drugs.
Illegal possession of steroids.
Crimes of dishonesty-fraud-theft.
Crimes against Law enforcement.

You can be disciplined without conviction.

We will invoke ’cause’ for counselling and evaluation.
Players must cooperate in investigations.

If you committ a crime, arrested or not, you will be placed on the Exempt list with pay, until the NFL completes its investigation.

Paid leave does not count as discipline time-you will serve your suspension.


The NFL will hire a Disciplinary Officer who will hand down suspensions.

The Commissioner retains the authority to hold all appeals hearings.


Any conviction of a crime brings an automatic 6-game suspension.

Past criminal records in college and in a career could lead to a longer suspension.


Any second offense will lead to a 1-year ban before a reinstatement hearing.

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