Thursday December 18th, 2014

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Titans vs. Jaguars

You knew this would be hard, the learning curve for one quarterback.  You didn’t think it would be this bad for the other quarterbacks on the other team.  That’s why the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars enter tonite’s game with a combined (4-24) record.  Gus Bradley, the 2nd year coach in Jacksonville decided he would start lst round pick Blake Bortels just weeks into the season, benching Chad Henne.  Bortels has thrown for yards, but turned the ball over at an alarming rate.  He’s take tons of sacks, and has just 10-TD passes in the 14-games his team has played.  Tennessee cannot keep any of their quarterbacks on the field.  Jake Locker is gone again with a shoulder sprain, placed on IR, the sixth major injury he has had in his career, a career in Nashville that may be ending.  Mid-round draft pick Zack Mettenberger, from LSU, shows promise, but he too is on IR.  Journeyman QB-Charley Whitehurst has to go back into the starting lineup.  The Titans, who dumped running back Chris Johnson in the offseason, have virtually no run game.  Their offensive line is chewed up by injuries.  The defense doesn’t play well.  And some wonder if the choice of Ken Whisenhunt as head coach, was the right  choice.  This will be ugly, but Jacksonville could win if they can keep Bortels upright and standing on the field.  Probably the ugliest game of the year on Thursday night football…

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