Thursday February 19th, 2015

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Chargers GM-Tom Telesco-Quotes at NFL Combine Media Day
…The stadium situation is not a distraction-we know our job is to build football team on the field.
…I am not ready to groom a QB for the future-Rivers is 33 with alot of productive years ahead of him.
…We are a different team on the field with Ryan Mathews-I will talk to his agent this week about a new deal.
…Ryan Mathews is a powerful person on the field when healthy.
…Brandon Oliver was a great surprise-he had player abilities-but caught onto schemes much quicker-should have been drafted.
…DJ Fluker-our plan is to keep him at RT-he moves people in the run game-plays with great enthusiasm.
…Fluker was uneven at times in his pass blocking technique-but got better at the end of the season.
…We came to combine ready to interview 60-players-we do alot of background checks before we get here.
…This is a great class of WRs-could go 3-rounds deep.
…WRs coming into draft more polished than ever-everyone in college now throwing ball alot-WRs know how to run routes-mechanics of catching ball.
…I am happy Frank Reich is still with us-he will be a head coach one day in the NFL-that is his aspiration-he is an excellent coach.
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