Thursday November 20th, 2014

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– Thursday Night Football –

Chiefs-Raiders….Not really sure what is more shocking, that Kansas City became a good team or the Raiders have become the worst team in modern day NFL history.
Kansas City came thru a stunning off season, cutting players, letting players walk in free agency, and surviving injuries.  They looked inept in preseason, started badly, and have gotten progressively better.
Three new offensive lineman, and the decision to let Pro Bowl LT-Brandon Albert walk as a free agent to Miami.  The loss of key veteran LB-Derrick Johnson, then fellow LB-Joe Mays to injuries.  The early season injury to star S-Eric Berry, just returning now to the lineup.
You knew Kansas City would play power ball on offense, with Jamal Charles and the fast developing Knile Davis.  They then added the explosive young back from Oregon, D’Anthony Thomas, and devised  specific roles for him.
You would not believe if I had told you in September, the wide receiver corps would yet to catch a TD pass, heading to week 12 of the season, and Andy Reid’s team would be in playoff contention.
On defense, they had the fast developing Dantari  Poe at nose tackle, and tremendous edge pass rush help from Tamba Hali and Justin Houston.  They have gotten better and better every week, and are now dangerous, because they still have home games at Arrowhead with the Broncos and Chargers.
As for the Raiders, maybe you have to bottom out at (0-16) before you can get better.  The general consensus is they have the QB of the future Derek Carr and a very good linebacker in Khalil Mack.  
They have young athletes playing in the secondary.  The rented an offensive line, have not been able to keep their wide receiver group healthy, and have virtually no run game.
The depths of despair are right there in sight.  A coaching change is coming at the end of December.  There might be a GM change too.  And who knows, maybe an address change for a franchise that is behind the power curve in football talent and in business operations.
Like I said, not sure which is the more stunning development, who the Chiefs are, or what the Raiders have become.
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