Thursday October 16th, 2014

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  • ESPN in-depth report that Colts owner Jim Irsay has had drug addiction problems since 1995….NFL security met with him at least 3X to discuss his problems….Irsay refused request to go into drug rehab in late 1990s…..Implicated in relationship with indicted pain killer doctor in 1995….1998-convinced to enter rehab program…2002-records show obtained 120-illegal prescriptions from another indicted doctor over 11-months…Picked up 400-pills in a 24-day span from doctors….Had longtime relationship with woman who had drug problems and committed suicide from overdose in one of his condos….Irsay reinstated by the NFL to return to work on Monday after 6G-suspension for arrest last year on DUI under influence large amounts painkillers.

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  • New Bill Parcells book out-details terrible falling about between Parcells and Bill Belicheck after Parcells left NYJets…Belicheck reneged on long-term contract with Jets ownership after agreeing-sought to take the Patriots job…led to major tampering charges…..Parcells also fired Offensive Coordinator Charley Weis a day after Belicheck backed out of Jets job-ending their longtime relationship.

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  • Blowup in talks between NFL Union and League office over new Code of Conduct penalties league wants to impose on players arrested….Troy Vincent-longtime player and union activist-now works for NFL-attacks his union….”CBA is about working conditions-rules-salaries-benefits for players….Player conduct is not part of any collective bargaining….League office must preserve the integrity of the game and its players….Employers (NFL) has a right to impose code of conduct on employees (Players).  No further talks planned…..Limbo status continues for arrested players-allowed to continue to play or receive salaries.


  • This is 25th anniversary of 1-of most lopsided trades in history of NFL…The 15-for-1 Hershel Walker deal-Cowboys-Vikings….Minnesota obtained the star running back…Cowboys got 3-1st round picks….3-2nd round picks…1-3rd round choice…and veteran players Darren Nelson-Jesse Solomon-Issac Holt-David Howard-Alex Stewart….In addition at end of season-Cowboys picked up 3-more picks by releasing those players…Jimmie Johnson then dealt some of the picks and Cowboys wound up with Emmett Smith-Russell Maryland-Darren Woodson and others, to join the already drafted Troy Aikman-Michael Irvin-Daryl Johnston.  Cowboys turned (1-15) team into a Supe
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