Tuesday January 13th, 2015

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NFL Coaching updates….Who is going where..what his happening next….with 6-coaching jobs still open.
  • Rex Ryan…lst to come off the board-hired by the Buffalo Bills..will likely bring much of his defensive staff with him from New York.
  • Todd Bowles..likely now the next hot candidate to be hired…two interviews in Atlanta and interview in San Francisco.
  • Gary Kubiak..1-year in Baltimore after all those years in Houston-would think he would be natural fit in Denver-does he trust John Elway?
  • John Fox…Chicago should call..maybe the Raiders should too based on track record-does old school attitude-stubbornness hurt him?
  • Mike Shanahan..you would think natural fit in Chicago to fix Jay Cutler-but they don’t seem all that interested..fall back to possibly San Francisco.
  • Dan Quinn…rumblings Jets will hire him once Seattle is done with Super Bowl parade.
  • Jack Del Rio..ousted in Denver purge, one wonders if he really is the guy to solve the Raiders woes, or is he just a guy?
  • Doug Marrone..name has fallen off the charts after he quit on Bills and criticism came about his ego-attitude in both Buffalo and Syracuse.
  • Adam Gase…if he is so hot, how come he too was shown the exit door by Denver.
  • Teryl Austin..Detroit’s young defensive coordinator, but not enough jobs open for him-interviews this year-maybe hired next year.
  • Vic Fangio…Name often mentioned last couple of years-has not been hired-won’t be this time.
  • Josh McDaniels..has done nice job in New England two years in a row-still outside shot at 49ers but maybe lst to be chosen next year.
  • Greg Roman..hot candidate two years in a row-washed overboard in San Francisco firings-winds up with Bills.
  • Jim Schwartz..did great job with Bills defense, but maybe too soon to get a head job after failure in Detroit.
  • Tony Sporano..wants to keep Raiders job but seems to be falling by the wayside.
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