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NFL Players in Trouble-Update

Ray Rice-Baltimore

  • Headed for independent arbitrator hearing on his reinstatement on November 4th-5th.  Rice maintains the NFL violated the CBA deal with the Union, penalizing him twice for the same incident, the knockout punch to his fiancée.  He is demanding immediate reinstatement, and to be paid his entire lost salary from games he was released by the Baltimore Ravens.
Greg Hardy-Carolina
  • Rumors persist he will seek immediate reinstatement, because his domestic abuse trial in Charlotte, scheduled for November 17th, has now been postponed till after the first of the year because of a crowded court docket.  He is being paid 700,000-per week despite not being active.
Adrian Peterson-Minnesota
  • Reports out of Texas indicate, as a lst time offender, he has begun a plea bargain, to have his felony child-abuse charges reduced, and would seek NFL reinstatement.  He is being paid $690,000 per week despite not playing.
Ray McDonald-San Francisco
  • The 49ers had indicated all along they would let due process take its course before they took action on the defensive tackle on domestic abuse charges, saying his story was different than other players already sanctioned by the league.  San Francisco must have been correct because San Jose police say they may not file any charges in the long-investigated case.
CJ Spillman-Dallas
  • He continues to play for the Cowboys despite a rape investigation that has continued since September in Dallas.  A similar rape charge, made my a massage specialist working with him while with the 49ers, was never filed by Bay Area police.
Josh Brent-Dallas
  • The defensive tackle, released from prison after serving 9-months on a drunk driving manslaughter case involving the death of a teammate two years ago, is nearly complete.  Placed on probation, after a stint in alcohol rehab following his jail term, Brent’s 10-game suspension by the league is now up.  He is practicing with the Cowboys, was just given a 1-year contract extension, and is with the team in London, England, due to join the active roster a week from now.  He is on a long-term probation sentence as part of his early release.
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