Tuesday September 9th, 2014

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– Monday Night Football –

Chargers-L-Cardinals (18-17)

  • Carson Palmer leads Arizona on 2-long scoring drives in 2nd half..throws 13Y-screen pass for game winning TD late in 4th quarter…Philip Rivers fumbles snap-delay of game penalty-interception-tipped pass in 2nd half…Chargers drop 4-passes…committ 4-penalties in secondary…Palmer throws (304P)…Cardinals had (409Y) offense in game.

Lions-W-Giants (35-14)

  • Detroit QB-Matthew Stafford lights up Giants (346P) 2TDs…Eli Manning struggles in new offense (163P) 2-interceptions-2QB sacks…Lions outgain Giants (417-197).

– NFL Notebook –


  • OT-Jake Matthews-MRI-foot-ankle injuries…Falcons already lost LT-Sam Baker for year-knee.


  • Angry reaction around NFL-directed at Ray Rice for violent act captured on second video…Ravens take 9.5M-cap hit next season…NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell crucified in Washington Post column-about never having seen 2nd Rice video that surfaced on TMZ…Criticism-“he acts only when his hand is forced to act.” …Coach John Harbaugh says club never saw video till Monday morning…Report Prosecutors in Atlantic City had video-refused to release it to NFL.


  • Disgust at loss…loss at home..loss to Buffalo….WR-Alshon Jeffry-hamstring…OL-Rob Garza-Matt Slauson-ankle injuries.


  • RB-Ben Tate-MRI on knee injury…TE-Jordan Cameron-injures shoulder 2nd time.


  • Huge criticism OT-Tyron Smith-allowed 2QBX-3 Pressures-took leg whip penalty.

Green Bay

  • Rookie TE-Colt Lyerla-just waived-arrested DUI.


  • Rookie DE-Jadeveon Clowney-Surgery-Meniscus-gone 6W…Criticism-turf at stadium caused injury.


  • QB-Andrew Luck blames himself for calling audible on 4th-1 at 1-yard line-not score TD on blown QB-sneak…LB-Robert Mathis-ruptures Achilles while working on out on in Atlanta during 4W-suspension.


  • S-Jon Cyprien-concussion.

Kansas City

  • Devastating injuries..DE-Mike DeVito-LB-Derrick Johnson both torn Achilles…Andy Reid self criticizes own play calling-running Jamal Charles just 7X.


  • IR-LB-Dannelle Ellerbe-dislocated hip…Sign-FA-LB-Kelvin Sheppard-ex Buffalo-Colts starter.


  • DT-Sharif Floyd-shoulder…CB-Xavier Rhodes-groin.

New England

  • QB-Tom Brady (6-7) in career in Miami…Brady-awful 2nd half (10-27) 4-sacks vs Dolphins.


  • Criticism defense gives up (568Y) to Atlanta.


  • QB-Derek Carr denies he was overwhelmed by Jets in rookie start…Raiders just (85Y) offense in 2nd-3rd-4th quarters…(3-12) on 3rd downs…(1.9YPC) run ball


  • OG-Evan Mathis-8W-sprained knee…OT-Allan Barbre-sprained ankle.

St. Louis

  • Disgust over poor opening day showing…4-fumbles-2 interceptions…QB-Shaun Hill-bruised thigh.

San Diego

  • TE-Antonio Gates restructures contract…gets signing bonus-gives team 1.5M-cap space…Bolts now have 7.5M-cap space overall.

San Francisco

  • Release RB-LaMichael James-in for just 2-snaps over weekend.


  • IR-CB-Jeremy Lane-groin….last week lost CB-Tharold Simon-knee scope…Sign FA-OT-Andrew McDonald-cancer survivor this spring.

Tampa Bay

  • Confirm Offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford had heart stent surgery 2-weeks ago-back on job on Monday…OG=-Logan Mankins-bruised knee.


  • Lose LB-Zach Brown-torn pectoral muscle.


  • Lose NT-Barry Cofield-Ankle…Jordan Reed-TE-Hamstring.
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