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Quotes from the Nick Hardwick retirement press conference:

Nick Hardwick –
..I exceeded my expectations with this career.
..Thanked trainers who would show up at 4-30am to work with him to get and stay healthy.
..I knew it was time to retire-when the neck stingers affected by back and lost the feeling in my hands for days at a time.
..I thank AJ Smith and Buddy Nix for trusting him as a player and person.
..I predict Tom Telesco will be a great General Manager.
..Dean Spanos helped me grow as a player and person.
..The Hardwick family stands for hard work, toughness, respect.
..I loved being around teammates-we held each other accountable-helped each other.
..I was a pain in the butt player to my coaches-always asking-testing the boundaries.
..I loved Kris Dielman-I trusted him with my heart.
..I loved Jeromey Clary-we pushed each other every minute.
..I will love Philip Rivers forever-indebted to him.
..Philip Rivers is a heck of a man, a pure of heart saint, and a special bond.
..My best memory ever, coming off the field after the 2008-overtime playoff win against the Colts.
..My most enjoyable time-sitting in meeting rooms with Rivers everyday-figuring out how to beat defenses.
Owner Dean Spanos –
..I am forever indebted for his leadership.
GM Tom Telesco –
..You don’t honor players like Nick this often-these players don’t come around very often.
..You look in his eyes and you know what football means to him.
Coach-Mike McCoy –
..San Diego is a special place because of special people like Nick Hardwick.
QB-Philip Rivers –
..What he should be known for-he cared alot.
..There was no better feeling knowing where the blitz was coming from because he knew all the calls.
..Best time was in meeting rooms talking about what the defenses would do..then hitting the plays ..”We got ’em).
S-Eric Weddle –
..This is why we play the game, to be around people like Nick Hardwick.
..You are a special man, husband and teammate..
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