Thursday February 5th, 2015

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NFL starts to hand out discipline…


3-days after Super Bowl…NFL decides no fine to be handed out to RB-Marshawn Lynch for dress code violation, wearing his personal hat, or for his handling of his 3-press conference appearances, where he refused to answer questions and kept repeating same phrases to media.

NFL says the hat incident with his ‘Beast logo’ was not illegal because the hat was designed by New Era, which has a contract with the league office.
The NFL says it did not fine Lynch, because he appeared at all three press briefings, and though he refused to answer questions, he fulfilled his requirement to be available.
NFL did find time to fine Doug Baldwin $11,000 for his obscene gesture after catching a pass, mooning a Patriots player in end zone.


Earlier in day, they did suspend Browns WR-Josh Gordon for the entire 2015 season for a 3rd offense in the drug aftercare program.  It means by the end of the 2015 season, Gordon will have missed 28-games due to NFL and club discipline.


And the NFL has to deal now with 11-different players, arrested since January 2nd, the latest being Cowboys running back Joe Randle, arrested again, this time for possession of over 3/4th a pound of marijuana, plus a loaded gun, plus a DUI incident.
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