Wednesday January 7th, 2015

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NFL Coaching Openings…Which team is leaning which way?


Might be a very good job for a dynamic offensive coach…Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are exception pass-catch combo…Offensive line is ailing with injuries…Not much defense aside from the front four…Heart says Rex Ryan would be an interesting hire.


A very good defense has been built-or maybe driven to excellence by the coordinator….Quarterback issues remain and lots of work remains to be done with EJ Manuel-but it seems too early to give up on that high a first round pick…There is a run game…Offensive line needs upgrades…Staying in house and promoting Jim Schwartz seems a strong possibility.


An overhaul is likely coming here…Culture needs to be changed….Solving the riddle of how to make Jay Cutler live up to his raw talent is real challenge…Defense is aged and injured….Mike Shanahan’s linkage to Cutler seems to be the right way to put franchise in right direction.


You have a quarterback, Derek Carr, you have a star linebacker Khalil Mack, but you don’t have very much else, at least very much that has been successful…You have GM who has yet to really prove himself…..You have an owner with little football history trying to fix the franchise….This is a long way back…Reggie McKenzie-Mark Davis made a terrible mistake on the hiring of Dennis Allen…Shot in the dark into the Black Hole-maybe they hire Jack Del Rio-who had some success in Jacksonville early-otherwise they are all unproven candidates..

San Francisco

There is still time left for this veteran group to win, they went (43-19) under Jim Harbaugh, but they need the right offensive mind to set Colin Kaeperneck free…Getting injured people back on defense will help…They have proven they can play hard..This still is a very good team though long in the tooth in some key areas…Todd Bowles-Arizona and Adam Gase-Denver seem to have the inside track.

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