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The Pro Football Hall of Fame candidates list is being whittled down.
The first cuts were made last night, with 26-candidates remaining with a couple of more cuts to be made, leading to the vote on Super Bowl weekend.
Legendary Chargers-Aztecs-Cardinals coach Don Coryell made the first cut as the list was reduced, but like so many other years, will likely be bypassed.  He only won 100-games in the NFL and 100-games in college, and never got to a Super Bowl.  They don’t, though they should, give consideration to the intangible things that made Coryell a legend, the creator of the legendary Dan Fouts led offense.  The one that was all about matchups, with Winslow-Joiner-Muncie-Brooks-Jefferson-Chandler-Seivers-Holohan.  He is not forgotten, though he won’t get it in.
John Lynch, who knew nothing but success at Torrey Pines, Stanford, Tampa and Denver is up again for a finalist vote.  Do you put NFL safeties in for style, interceptions, big hits, class, intelligence.  He gets check marks in so many categories, but he is not viewed as a Ronnie Lott, and it may take some more time.
Junior Seau is a lst time nominee, and likely a lst time entrant.  The passion, the physicality, the athleticism, that let him play into his 40’s should almost guarantee the Oceanside-USC product the votes to make it.  The sadness however will be wrapped around enshrinement, not just how he played, but how he died.  Sadly, football was Seau’s life, and football took his life.
The other names on the list are daunting, Colts and Bucs coach Tony Dungy, Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, Broncos safety Steve Atwater,  Super Bowl quarterback Kurt Warner, the class of the 49ers pass rush Charles Haley, power running back Jerome Bettis, Colts receiver Marvin Harrison and so many more.
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