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Why do you believe in the Padres?  For the third time this season, with a chance to make a significant cut in the NL-West pennant race, the Friars have embarked on another tailspin.  Now a 4-game losing streak and 6-losses in 9-games, and still a long way back of the troubled Dodgers team.  Anyone have any explanations, please?

Are the Dodgers about to topple?  11-pitchers on the DL, and they get slugged for the 2nd game in a row against the Phillies.  A better pitching staff on the DL than on the active roster.  How long is smart guy Andrew Friedman going to wait before he goes to get pitching help.  Guess LA is lucky, the rest of the division is so bad.

Anyone have Trevor Bauer’s phone number in Mexico City.  Now (10-0) with a 1.66-ERA from the Diablos in the Mexican Summer League.  No one needs pitching in MLB, right?

Who is going to make the right trade to get the right pitcher, maybe even before the Trade Deadline gets here?  The hottest names are Garrett Crochet, the top pitcher with the White Sox.  The Rockies Cal Quantill, the ex Padres.  Zach Eflin-Tampa Bay-another ex Padres.  Bet somebody does something quickly to get extra starts out of the pitcher they acquire before the deadline.

Home Run Derby without the home run hitters?  No Shohei Ohtani. No Aaron Judge.  Concerned, and rightfully so, about injuries in the Derby, even with the new rule changes.  Fun event but lots of wear and tear on players who are in it.

Is there an implosion coming in New York?  Could be the Yankees, or maybe the Mets.  The Yankees were (51-29) at one point.  They have stopped hitting, and they are still not healthy pitching wise.  They have lost 17-of-23, a Yankees lineup that includes Judge-Soto-Stanton.  The Mets, thought to be failing badly, have dragged themself to .500 and could be a playoff team.  Look at a box score and tell me if very many Mets bats scare you?  Their rag tag pitching staff does not.

Nice decision in Tampa Bay eh?  Wander Franco charged with having sex with a 14-year old girl.  Charged with paying her mother (62,000) to allow the 4-month relationship to continue.  Now he’s been charged with human trafficking on top of the sexual abuse case.  Next up, if found guilty, 5-to-20 years in prison.  Nice decision after he had signed an (11Y-182M) deal.  Superstar no longer a shining star.

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