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Storylines everywhere in soccer on and off the field:

TEAM USA…Is this the day they fire Gregg Berhalter as head coach after the back to back losses in the Copa America Tourney?  Is it fair? Is it premature?  Does he need more time?

The USA got mugged by Panama in group play and the same thing happened in the controversial loss to Uruguay.  The number of fouls for hits on star Christian Pulisic was outrageous.  The game winning goal, which was an ‘offsides’ pass on video replay, was still allowed to stand.

But the bigger issues was the makeup of the roster.  Berhalter surrounded Pulisic with a roster of young snipers, led by Fo Balogun, Gio Reyna and Ricardo Pepe, a team that had been together collectively for only 2-weeks.  It was a very young group of forwards, who got bullied by the South American team,s and did not hold up.  The defense was equally young, and then goalie Matt Turner got hurt.

We are 21-months out from the 2026-World Cup and that is plenty of time to grow the youth around Pulisic.  There is still time to recall some of the back end veterans like Walker Zimmerman and others to help stabilize things.

Berhalter needs more time to grow this franchise.

The most amazing part of the Berhalter story is the name from abroad being floated to take the USA job if it opens.  Jurgen Klopp, a man with an immense resume, who won Cups and EPL titles at Liverpool is available.  He has style, personality, speaks English and is very popular.  And of course he has won alot in Europe.

His career stats are overwhelming.  At Liverpool he went (304-100-85) and he was (185-65-73) with Dortmund in Germany.

Add in 13-trophies as head coach, 3-titles between England and Germany, and a Champions League trophy too.  A proven commodity with personality.

A tough call.  Klopp brings credibility.  Berhalter brings stability with a hand picked roster he needs to grow.

Stay tuned for what happens this week.


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