1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday ”PADRES WIN–SO WHAT”

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Thank God, the Oakland Athletics and Colorado Rockies were on the Padres schedule at this time of the year.

Xander Bogaerts, who has been red-hot, stated it best in the clubhouse at 4pm on Wednesday…”Really sad-Really sucks”.

The Padres have a 7-game winning streak, finally, but it doesn’t mean anything.

The Padres now have a massive credibility problem within their clubhouse, the aftermath of two scathing articles, quoting a combined 32-current players, former players, ex staffers, and involving anonymous executives, condemning the culture in that clubhouse at Petco Park.  This week showed the value of true sports journalism, in the UT and on the Athletic Website.

Clubhouse culture-missing.  That’s the sum total of what was written.  The sub headline should read ‘I got your money-you get yours’, the conversation from rich-underachieving players with San Diego on their uniform, and lots of money in their bank accounts.

Bottom line, it’s across the board condemnation of the style of General Manager AJ Preller and his methodology of signing and overpaying for most every player he has acquired.

Whether that is trades, draft picks, or in the international free agent market.

So now Preller’s 253M-payroll will be like you and me, watching the playoffs and the World Series on TV, viewers not participants.

The depths of the criticism is staggering, involving the GM, his staffs, his manager, and the rich players in the clubhouse.

With apologies to Padres broadcasters, Don Orsillo, Mark Grant, Jess Agler and Tony Gwynn-Junior, please stop making these recent wins sound like something special.  They didn’t win bleep.  They built this against the teams with the worst records in the  American and National Leagues. A 7-game winning streak against two teams that combined to lose 106-and-96 games respectively.

Added to the equation now is the illness problems that have returned to owner Peter Seidler, facing health issues, and now how to handle the dysfunction that has taken his team from fan’s favorite to fan’s disenchantment.

The substandard Cardinals close out the home schedule starting Friday, then a 6-game road trip to face the losing White Sox and the fading Giants.

And just ahead, decisions on struggling slugger Juan Soto, impending free agents Blake Snell and Josh Hader, the status of potential opt-out pitchers Michael Wacha and Seth Lugo.  All that plus the reality they have to deal with the ever demanding agent  Scott Boras.

Sorry, the winning streak doesn’t mean anything.  So stop cheering this team.  It’s really a shame when the best part of Padres baseball are the broadcasts from Don and Mud, or Jess-Junior.

This sucks, this really sucks.  The Padres need to own this, and apologize to the fans about this.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “AZTECS–MWC TIME”

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Time for San Diego State football to hit the ‘Reset’ button.
Time to open play in the Mountain West Conference

An Aztecs team that has gone (2-2).  Beat Ohio in a complete game..struggled with Idaho State..got mauled-mashed-bulldozed by UCLA-Oregon State.

Tough to gauge how complete a team Brady Hoke has now.

His QB has shown great guts.  Not much from the WR group.  The TEs are part of this offense.  The OL seems work in progress.  No pass rush.  A bunch of takeaways from the back 7…and LB’s who are playing well.

Big issues, lack of plays down the field?  Should they be more run rather than pass?  Where is the defense after having given up a combined (1,025Y) to the Bruins and Beavers in those last two losses.

Now they move into the heart of the Mountain West Conference with key games against Boise State then Air Force.  2-weeks from now, they will either be atop the standings or likely out of the race with a bowl berth in jeopardy.

Coach Brady Hoke’s comments:
We played hard vs UCLA…need to play smarter
Only 1-penalty-that is a plus
We controlled the ball and tempo for awhile
Gave up some big plays…made some big plays
Need everybody to step in to protect the QB
Everyone’s fault when Jaylen Maden is on his back

Boise State..early week game for both teams
They had challenges at Washington..gotten better and betteer

Maden’s compete level is exceptional
He played ‘in the game on defense’ last year
His compete level sticks out
Needs to get out of the picket a bit sooner

We were pretty good between the 35s…we struggled in red zone

Last year Boise got out to 35-0 lead-we didn’t play much defense
Ton of difference this year Boise offense..more experience

QB-Talen Green (6’6) runs the ball well..we need to stop that
Green is only sophomore…throws deep ball well…and the screen game
Cannot allow him to create ‘jail break plays’
WR-McAllister…we have big and long corners to match up with his length

I like this team and will get better
Brionne Penny played his best game..earning more snaps each day
Penny has developed trust with Moose
Mark Redmon-stick his nose in and block and route running..he is a mismatch

I like most about our team..growing up daily game to game
We must continue to improve to get very excited about this team
Zyrus-Moon at LB…arrived as starters..played good football..physical at point
They send a message with the way they play

Moving into MWC…damn good conference we’re in..
Boise is like us..how we play..reputation..going to be fun
Go play-fast and physical…just do it

MWC coaches zoom call…we all use the transfer portal…NIL-we talked to the commissioner…you have to adapt because it’s not going away…we have to work thru it….in the era that we are in

Colorado-Transfer portal…bringing in some players…a few schools have done that-not just Colorado….you use portal based on needs.
Dez Malone-Brendan Crenshaw-Dixon

We have had good opportunites to make plays..haven’t done it
Last year-we have to finish…they scored 35-on us last year
We took that personally
Penalties-we can control some..offsides etc…playing hard
Boise has pretty good team…we match up well with them
Taylen Green good with his feet
Bad taste in our mouth from a year..really good rivalry
This a very important game for all of us in conference
There is urgency playing Boise-Air Force
Last two games-even with losses-have gotten us ready

Offensive line-young upfront..we are 100%-getting better
Not much difference..protect blind side
Maden is a real leader..need to take less hits
We need to protect him
Not much of a difference playing Pac 5-or-Group of 5
We know cadence-snap counts…stop procedure
Last year was difficult…changed playbook..went thru 5-QBs
Holani-Geanty really power runners
Christian Jones-came in and played LT-he has talked from day one
He is so young..we bring him to help him


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “STONE COLD COMMENTS-REDHOT STORIES”

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Hacksaw’s Monday “BONUS” Podcast
You Tube Channel-Lee Hacksaw Hamilton-Sports

PADRES….It should be of concern to you…I will ask you to join me in prayers, for Padres owner Peter Seidler, with the revelation he has undergone another surgery for his on going health issues.  A two time survivor of cancer treatments.  He has announced he will not return to see any home games the rest of this season, and will not be in the office for the time being.  A prayer for a good outcome for a good man.

PADRES-SO WHAT…Thank goodness the A’s-Rockies are on the schedule for the end of the season.  The ever disappointing Friars actually have a chance to finish .500 this year.  Sorry 81-81 is no accomplishment with the talent level on this roster.  There must be accountability at the end of the year.

PADRES-UT…Your newspaper should be the watchdog of the community covering the teams in town, so the Kevin Acee-authored article was well done, quoting 8-players (anonymously) about the shortcomings in team chemistry in that clubhouse.  It was not a ‘hit job’ on Manny Machado.  It was a critique of the failures of the roster full of big money players.  Was it a cheapshot column?  No, Acee has a right to write about what we all saw in that clubhouse.  A roster full on ‘independent contractors’.  No cheering for a .500-season.  No criticism for a journalist doing what should be done, reporting on what he has seen.  Would be nice if sports-talk radio and the TV anchors invoked the word ‘accountability’ in their coveRage.

RAMS-LET IT RIP….They won their first game up in Seattle, a real surprise.  They scared the 49ers into the 3rd quarter before running out of gas.  Quick start by QB-Matthew Stafford.  What a story by rookie wideout Pacu Nacku, coming off a (15-catch) games against the Niners.

RAMS-TIME TO PART WAYS….For such a high draft pick, Cam Akers stay in LA has been really disappointing and now they are ready to get rid of the high draft pick from Florida State.  A bad injury, a questionable work ethic, a solid start last season on the road back.  And now this continued dialogue problem with Coach Sean McVay and Aker’s chronic unhappiness.

CHARGERS..What a lousy start and now Brandon Staley sniping at the media for the tone of questions asked after the terrible home loss to Miami and the bad loss to a substandard team, Tennessee.  Scoreboard does not lie.  Staley is (19-19) as head coach.  No playoff wins.  5-times the Bolts have blown leads of 10-points or more and lost those games.  Ande these stats after two games this year:
..Opponents have 28-plays of Plus 10-Yards
..Opponents have 13-plays of Plus 20-Yards
..Bolt DBs have given up Pass Plays of 34-35-40-47-49-75-76

And we’re not supposed to ask questions about this type of defense.

AZTECS…A (2-0) start has been followed by 2-beatdowns at the hands of UCLA-Oregon State.  SDSU has not answered questions that needed to be answered.  QB-Jaylen Maden is still erratic throwing deep.  The offensive line still leaks oil in protection.  The run game has only shown glimpses of consistency.  The defense has been torched  the last two weeks for (550-463) yards the last two weeks.  That being said, they move into Mountain West Conference play with Boise State-Air Force.  Know one thing; Maden deserves a Purple Heart for the pounding he has taken in the pocket.  Ryan Lindley’s game plan has gotten guys open, they just have not hit on as many big plays that were there to be taken.  And the defense won’t face the firepower that UCLA-Oregon State had coming off the line of scrimmage.  SDSU has a chance to compete beginning Friday night with Boise and the following week at Air Force.  Still think they have enough talent to be a top team in the MWC.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “CHARGERS-REALITY”

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The honeymoon is officially over.  The losing has gotten to everyone affiliated with the Chargers.

Another game, that should have been a win, turns into another defeat, this one an appalling self-inflicted wounds type loss, in Tennessee to a Titans team that had an 8-game losing streak dating back to last year.

So the Chargers are now (0-2) this season, blowing leads two weeks in a row, this Sunday loss coming on the heels of the painful shootout loss last week to Miami.

And the glaring issues of last week, resurfaced in the Titans game.  Not protecting the quarterback.  Not stopping big pass plays down the field.  And taking bad penalties.

And for the first time, an upset head coach Brandon Staley showed disdain to the media’s questions post game, coming unglued, coming out of character.

“How do you think those guys feel in the room” he lashed back at a question.

He grew even more uncomfortable with the next questions about losing games, losing leads, as far back as last year’s playoff loss to Jacksonville.

“The Jacksonville loss has not carried into this year, it has nothing to do with this year’

“It’s a convenient story for you, but it’s not the truth”. He said that twice in a row, as if the blowing 27-0 lead in the Jaguars that turned into a loss, and the lousy defensive secondary play against Miami and then the Titans were a mirage.

Nothing is fixed on defense from a year ago, not stopping the run, not making big pass plays.

And now you can add in 3-personal foul penalties that kept drives alive that eventually led to scores.  Helmet hits, roughing the QB-fouls, a launching penalty.  It’s not who the Chargers are, but rather what they’ve become.

They wasted a strong day from Joey Bosa, 2-sacks and a tackle for loss.  They wasted 5-quarterback sacks on a streaky QB-Ryan Tannehill.

They had an 11-0 lead, had the Titans staggering, but could not put them away.

But they could not put the lid on running back Derrick Henry, a flashback to last year’s inability to stop anybody from running the ball.  And Staley’s defense gave up two huge pass plays that ignited the offense and fueled the comeback.

And the Bolts could not pick up blitzes, were late getting out on the edge, and Justin Herbert took 3-more sacks too.

As Staley seethed at the tone of questioning, he knows the national media is going to continue to write about the coach,with a reputation of being a bright llight defensive guy, not being able to coach his team to play better on defense.

His career record is now (19-19) and the Bolts appear to be just another team in the NFL, unable to climb to the upper echelon despite the talents of QB-Justin Herbert, and a collection of go-to wide outs.  Keenan Allen and Mike Williams combined to catch 16-balls on Sunday in the loss.

A strange Sunday for the teams in LA..Across the hallway, the Rams hosted the 49ers, and would have thought the game was in San Francisco’s stadium in Santa Clara.  So-Fi Stadium was a ‘sea of red’ of crazy 49ers fans who roared as the Niners scored 17 points in a row in coming back against the Rams.

Yeah a real dose of reality.  The Chargers head coach not getting the job done.  And Rams fans bailing on their team looking at a second losing year in a row.

So much for the idea of ‘Bolt Up’….or the ‘Rams House’.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Friday “CHARGERS–ON THE FIRING LINE”

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Hacksaw’s Weekly Podcast
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The Chargers game with Miami.

Should have won.  Did not win.  Definitely lost.

The Miami win over the Chargers, the 466-yard passing day, the pass defense horrors are front and center.

The Bolts new coordinators had a good day on offense, an awful day on defense.

Kellen Moore and Derick Ansley spent Thursday with the media answering all the questions about good outings and bad decisions.

Comments I thought you’d enjoy reading:


On the ‘most encouraging part’ of the performance of the running game in Week 1:

“We talked about it throughout the week going into it, just play-style. It was our first shot, in a regular season game, to emphasize it. I thought that everyone contributed. The O-line, obviously. The tight ends, I thought that they were excellent in the run game. The running backs ran hard. The receivers went and got safeties when they needed to. [QB] Justin [Herbert] got us in the right plays, when necessary. I feel like it was a collective effort that worked really well.”


On ‘calling six rushing plays’ during RB Joshua Kelley’s touchdown drive:

“Every game takes different paths, and so does every drive. There are going to be times where you want to keep running it, there are times, maybe, where you want to keep passing it. We’ll navigate those different paths. I think each game has a different presentation.”


On the value of the run game ‘opening things up in the passing game’:

“It certainly has the potential to. Teams play different styles, you play different opponents. Every week is different, but I think it’s important that we at least have the evidence to support that. Hopefully, it does, potentially, as the season progresses — whether it’s this week or future weeks — that it may provide us some more one-on-one opportunities outside, just when they have to commit the down safety. We’ll see how it goes.”


On ‘what factors into calling multiple runs in a row’:

“Last week, obviously, tempo was something that we were able to utilize as drives kind of wore down. We’ll see how that presents itself this week, every week is different. Those are big, important opportunities and I thought our guys did an excellent job of just staying on the ball, kind of trusting the process, as far as when we do run those — why we’re running run and to understand the advantage that it presents. The guys did a good job. They finished some drives with some tempo and did a nice job.”


On the Titans’ rushing defense:

“Obviously, they’re one of the best [in the league]. They’ve been one of the best for a long time. It’s really, really challenging. They, obviously, have excellent personnel, they have excellent scheme. They’re really, really sound. They don’t give you anything easy. You’re going to earn everything in this league. It’s been a big challenge for us preparing for them.”


On the Titans ‘presenting light boxes and still leading the league in run defense’ and ‘if that is schematic or personnel’:

“I think that it’s both. Obviously, they have personnel that does a tremendous job up front, but I think that they’re really, really sound with their scheme. I think that they fit things really well, things that look like, ‘Hey, we might have an opportunity here,’ they’re just so sound in how they fit the runs. Everything’s connected from the front end all the way to the back end. They have done it for a long time and they have done it at a high level.”


On RB Joshua Kelley:

“Just a big-time professional. Obviously, we see the production on the field, but I think he prepares really, really well. He’s a great teammate to everyone. He knows his role. He embraces his role. When he gets those opportunities to take advantage of some chances there, he certainly takes advantage of them. As the season goes on, he’s a guy — like a number of these running backs — we’re going to need different guys to play different roles as the weeks go on.”


On ‘trial and error in figuring out’ WR Quentin Johnston’s usage:

“I think that there is certainly a role that we’d like to provide, as the season goes on. He will have different opportunities throughout the season — him, [WR] Derius [Davis], even the other three. You’re trying to use all of those guys and put them into different positions, and, hopefully, create these different roles that we can take advantage of.”


On the two-minute drill at the end of Week 1:

“We just have to play cleaner football. We certainly had a great opportunity to finish the game the way we wanted to and, at the end of the day, just didn’t get it done. Something that we all just have to make sure that we’re on the same page with.”


On if the offense was ‘caught off guard’ with the blitzing on the final drive:

“I think that it’s just a case of us making sure that we’re all on the same page and aligned. We could have certainly played better in that situation.”


On the ‘difficulty of calling running plays’ with QB Justin Herbert available to throw:

“I think you learn that every game takes a different path. If we have to throw it for 40, 50 attempts, we’ll do that. If we have to run it 40, 50 times, we’ll do that. Whatever we need to do, each and every week — and, the formula may change, week after week. Certainly, that is the fun part, I think, of the NFL. That’s the beauty of it, that every week is a completely different opponent with different challenges. You just find a path that, hopefully, works for you.”


On the ‘strength’ of a ‘balanced offense’:

“Something that we just emphasized throughout the offseason is that this is just the formula and we have to be willing to adapt and adjust each and every week and take it wherever we need to. There are going to be days where we can run the football to some success, or maybe days where we have to throw it a lot. We’ll just see what happens.”


On leading the NFL in rushing in the preseason and ‘being able to carry that into the regular season’:

“It certainly is a big emphasis for us. We spent a lot of this offseason, we’ve all — you guys included, probably [laughter] — spent time on this run game emphasis. It’s really exciting that when it comes to an opportunity like we had in Week 1, we’re able to take advantage of that, from a run game perspective. Excited about that. Excited to be able to build off of that. It doesn’t mean that you can do it each and every week, but we’ll see where it takes us.”






On the defense’s performance in Week 1:

“Well, it wasn’t good enough, first. Give a lot of credit to Miami, they had a good plan. The Cheetah [Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill] had one of those days. We didn’t do enough to stop him from having one of those days. We have to be better. We have to coach them better. We have to execute that.”


On areas of improvement:

“Just some leverage things. Pre-snap communication, understanding where people are at. Understanding that the ball may come out quicker versus certain sets, and all those things that happened, we can fix. The guys took total ownership for is in the meetings on Monday. Coaches, we take total ownership for our performance. It wasn’t good enough. We’ll get back to work this week, like we have — we’ve had two, really good days.”


On if the Titans’ offense will present similar looks to what the Dolphins displayed:

“I’m sure that you will see some sprinkles of that. It’s a copy-cat league. We do a really good job on Mondays of going through the corrections and sprinkling those things in throughout the week, so that if we see them again, we’re ready for them. Miami didn’t present a whole lot of problems schematically, we just have to do a better job of doing our jobs.”


On if the defense is ‘chomping at the bit to get back out there’ following the unit’s performance in Week 1:

“We have a bunch of grown men in our room. The coaches are really excited about getting back out there. I know I am, the staff feels the same way. Every seven days you get an opportunity to humble somebody, or somebody humbles you. We’ll get another chance this Sunday.”


On ‘if this is the biggest stylistic change’ in scheme, going from the Dolphins to the Titans:

“I don’t know that to be the biggest, but they are totally different. [Titans Head Coach] Mike [Vrabel], they do a really good job over there in Tennessee. They pride themselves on running the ball and being physical. Obviously, Miami, they came in here and they threw the ball a lot more. In terms of how that goes, yes, it’s going to be very different. Those two receivers in Miami are very talented. [Titans RB] Derrick [Henry] is very talented. [Titans QB] Ryan [Tannehill] is a really good quarterback. We have a lot of respect for them. Mike [Vrabel] has been doing a really good job there for the last five-plus year. They’re a playoff team. We have our hands full. They have our full focus.”


On if ‘busted coverages led to giving up that many yards’:

“I wouldn’t say that we busted coverages. I will say that we lost more than we won. We give a lot of credit to Miami, they did a really good job of getting their players the ball. Cheetah [Hill] is a space player. He can take the top off. They did a really good job of doing that. It’s our job to stop that. As coaches, we have to do better, and we will.”


On the performance of the pass rush in Week 1:

“I thought that those guys rushed the passer really well. Unfortunately, the ball was out so quick. If we could have covered them a little bit better and had [Tagovailoa] held the ball for another click, then you would’ve seen some of those sacks, maybe, materialize. I thought that [OLB] Joey [Bosa] did a really good job of being physical. He was speed-to-power, did a really good job, [OLB] Khalil [Mack]. I thought that everybody played with good effort, The ball just didn’t bounce our way on Sunday. Sometimes, that’s how it goes.”


On ‘projecting’ how to improve the pass rush and ‘if it is as simple as improving in coverage’:

“I think that you said it. We always pride ourselves on the rush and the cover working together. When you get coverage sacks, people always say the coverage sacks, you do that when the back end is connected and the front end is doing their job, as well. When you get interceptions off of tips and overthrows, that’s because guys are affecting the quarterback. You don’t always have to hit the quarterback, you just have to affect him. He has to feel that rush. He has to be starting to look at that rush. The coverages have got to be blurry in the back end and we have to disguise. There is a lot that goes into that, not just one man up front just whooping another man. It’s all 11 guys doing their job.”


On the fourth-and-seven conversion:

“We were playing quarters coverage. We got a little bit deep in our zone, our flat defender got a little bit deep. They kind of high-low’d him a little bit. [Dolphins QB] Tua [Tagovailoa] came back, he was looking deep and he dumped it down to the flat, and they ended up getting it. One of those that we wish that we could have back, but we just have to play it a little bit better — a little bit tighter in that situation.”


On CB J.C. Jackson’s interception and his ‘assessment’ of Jackson’s decision to return the interception:

“Hindsight is always 20/20, where you always wish that you would’ve done something that you didn’t. We want our players to be aggressive and we want our players to be smart. You want to have time and space to bring it out [of the endzone], but if you make a decision and you are bringing it out, you have to get what you can get. If you stay in, you have to take a knee and get the ball back to [QB] Justin [Herbert]. It’s one of those bang-bang plays where you have to make a rash decision. Sometimes, it may not go your way.”


On Jackson’s pass interference near the end of the first half:

“I think you get experience once you go through things and you learn from them. The whole group can learn from that, the whole team, really. He was in a good position. It was one of those things where I think he was trying to go up and be aggressive with the ball, and just got there a little early. We are never going to take the aggressiveness away from our players, but you have to be smarter in situational football. You have to play well on third down. You have to be good in the red area, two-minute. We didn’t do a very good job in that situation. I hope we can learn from that.”


On S JT Woods’ performance in Week 1:

“I thought that JT [Woods] did his job. He really prides himself on being more physical. I thought he had a really good open-field contact tackle on [Dolphins RB Raheem] Mostert, which is encouraging. He’s getting better, so we’re proud of that. He’s a big guy that we need to continue to get better, to build up down the road.”


On Woods’ responsibility on Jackson’s pass defensed in the first quarter intended for Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill:

“He’s the deep safety. You’d like for him to be a little bit deeper, have a little bit more respect for the deep part of the field. That’s a play that he can intercept, too. We’ve seen him intercept that. He has enough speed to get to that point. He was a little bit off, but J.C. [Jackson] had a chance to intercept it, as well. Hindsight, if they do it right, both of them have a chance to intercept that ball.”


On LB Kenneth Murray Jr.’s performance in Week 1:

“I thought that Murray played physical. He wasn’t perfect, like none of us were, but he played physical. He was a commander out there. It was a new role playing beside a new person, which is good for him. He’s getting better. He has a new role this week. We’re proud of Kenny [Murray Jr.].”


On the run defense:

“They ran it for 70 yards or whatever on 20 carries. They stressed it, but I thought that we held strong there. They were committed to throwing the ball and we didn’t do enough work on the back end to stop them from doing that. We take pride in the back end and we’ll get that fixed.”