1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday

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“PGA-Players Speak Out”-


They tee off Thursday morning in one of America’s great golf tournaments, the US Open, at a historic course, Brookline, outside of Boston.

No one is talking about the course, who will win, who’s hot-who’s not.

It’s all about the war, not Ukraine-Russia, but the sports-war PGA-vs-Saudi Super League.

It will be interesting to see how the ‘Fan’s-Man’, Phil Mickelson is treated, for leaving the Tour to take 200M guaranteed money abroad from LIV.  Will he be cheered or jeered, respected or rebellious.

The same with the others of the 20-who have now defected, former #1 star Dustin Johnson and the assortment of veterans who left

And of course, the allegations that all this is sports-washing Saudi money to make up for that country’s despicable Human Rights violations and the knowledge we have of who triggered the 9/11 attack on our country.

Still to be seen-how destructive the loss of these name players is to the Tour, or will other stars develop on the near horizon.

The golfers all talked on Tuesday:
Phil Mickelson..I want the right to choose my path
Justin Thomas..I guess everyone has their price
Rory McIlroy..Difficult to separate sports-politics..dirty money-clean dollars
Brooks Koepka..It’s a Black Cloud in golf
Dustin Johnson..There is no simple solution
Jon Rahm..This is the heart of the PGA Tour
Bryson DeChambeau..Business decision

Free Agency in golf is upon us.
Players say they want the freedom to choose.
Agents say it shows the restrictive policies of the PGA.

The 4-Grand Slams will allow the defectors to play in their tourneys.

Is there a way for the two tours to co-exist, not so if you listen to Jay Monahan of the PGA, possibly so with negotiations says LIV leader Greg Norman.

4-days of golf ahead, no solution in sight, and a fear things will never be the same again.

1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Padres-Great Pitching-Bad Hitting”

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‘Baseball–We Have Baseball”


We have a pennant race to follow…we have problems too with all the teams here in Southern California, in LA and San Diego..

Glancing at storylines worth following as we head into the heat of summer and the heat of the pennant race.

PADRES…The starters have a combined 3.12-ERA this season, and for the first time in a long time, the depth of potential starters may well save the Friars.  Think about this, Joe Musgrove is in the running for the Cy Young Award.  Mackenzie Gore has to be mentioned as a Rookie of the Year candidate.  Add in Yu Darvish and you have big time trustworthy arms.  Blake Snell remains an enigma, struggling to survive in some of his starts, yet you see dominance at times too.  Nick Martinez has become a real surprise with his quality starts.  Who knows about Mike Clevinger, in the rotation and doing well, then out with a knee, or a forearm or Covid. wiping out some of his starts,

Adrian Morejon appears on the brink of arriving as a major league pitcher, possibly as a starter or a long reliever.  It is surprising how Ryan Weathers has given ground and is struggling in El Paso.  But I’d take the Friars starters above the other teams in the NL West.

The  bullpen is getting lots of work and they may have to ssot Taylor Rodgers a bit, not to burn him out.  He had 16-saves in 17-outings, but has slipped some recently.  Who knows about Drew Pomeranz when he comes off the DL.  Help could be coming quickly with a healthy Jose Castillo, finishing up rehab outings in El Paso.  We have seen real value in outings by setup guys Robert Suarez and Luis Garcia, but can they keep going at this pace?  The same with Craig Stammen, the senior member of this staff.

Not going to say the Padres are living on borrowed time with this batting order, but  there are still alot of underachievers in the lineup card.  Will Myers is out six weeks, rejecting knee surgery on a cartilage flap.  Surgery would solve it, but he’s not interested in going there.  Fernando Tatis had another CT exam on his wrist.  Maybe he starts swinging a bat soon and maybe there is a July return.  If not that is a blow to a lineup that needs El Nino in the middle of it.  Manny Machado is in line for MVP consideration.  He is having a rock solid-superstar season.

Eric Hosmer was hot early, is not hot now.  Hard to believe you can hit .357 for 6-weeks, then hit .179 the next four weeks.  Jake Cronenworth seems to be finding his stroke.  Luke Voit is controlling his swing, and starting to deliver.  Some first half for Jurickson Profar, but can he keep it up?  Is Nomar Mazara a good stop gap contributor or just a journeyman.  Trent Grisham is still sub .200, and the catching  productivity is spotty.  Ha Kim is a (.211) hitter at brs- but you cannot discount his glove.  They need hits from somebody to protect MVP-Manny in that order.

What’s alarming is the Padres are at the bottom of all the critical metrics on offense in baseball.  They may not be capable of hitting much better.  That puts so much pressure on the pithing staff.

The Friars are in the middle of 20-game stretch where they should clean up against the bottom feeders in the National League.  But then they lose a couple to Colorado, just the like the bad early season losses to Pittsburgh and others.

DODGERS….Luckily for the Padres, the Dodgers have injury issues.  LA has to go 8-weeks without Walker Beuhler with the elbow flareup.  No one knows if Clayton Kershaw back can hold up.  Hard to believe Tony Gonsolin and Tyler Anderson went a combined (13-0) to start the season, maybe save the season.    There’s really nothing left at Oklahoma City and there’s no timeline yet on Dustin May returning from last year’s elbow surgery, and it’s been over a year.

Add in the erratic outings of Craig Kimbrel, and LA looks suspect.

And the only salve might be if outcast Trevor Bauer wins his grievance and is reinstated.  Do you think a desperate Dodgers team would consider bringing him back despite all the things he got himself involved in with women and rough sex incidents?

All not well in the LA batting order either.  Justin Turner looks like he has lost his bat speed.  Cody Bellinger is still struggling the low .200s, surely not MVP numbers.  The bench looks weak.  Hot young prospect Edwin Rios is out with a torn hamstring.

And Manager Dave Roberts is asking where is the sense of urgency from Dodgers players in the lineup, a lineup that is not as good as was first advertised after Freddie Freeman’s arrival.  Of course there is still alot of baseball left for Mookie Betts and Trea Turner, but those guys cannot pitch.

LA may still get its entire lineup going at one given time, but it does not appear they have enough healthy pitching,.

It’s a two team race, but neither one is a complete team and may not be able to patch the problems they are encountering on the roster.  The difference is the Dodgers have a history of taking on stars and big salaries around the trading deadline.  Don’t rule that out as a way for LA to rally the situation.  The Padres have spent all the money they can, and have traded away so mamny young prospects too, they may not have the currency to go get another name player when we get to crunch time.

A pennant race that might turn into a war of attrition could be coming to Petco Park and Dodgers Stadium.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Golf-The Day After-War Begins”

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“Golf-The Morning After”


It started badly, who knows how ugly it will get, but it is for sure, this war is not over.

The Saudi Super League launched in London, England, with its 48-man field, with all guaranteed money to the players, good or bad.

It started without a TV contract.

It started with hardly any fans in the grand stands.

It started with the threat of an ati-trust lawsuit against the PGA Tour.

It started with an angry exchange of questions from a hostile media.

Charl Schwartzel won the first rooney and collected 4.5M in record earnings for him

Dustin Johnson shot 1-under par but was never really in the hunt.

Phil Mickelson, who hadn’t played well in a year, was awful.  His 200M-guaranteed deal not withstanding, he finished at 10-over par, finished 33rd.  He has his money but no game right now.

Each of these players now has to deal with the term ‘sports washing’, about taking money from a country that has a history of human rights violations.

You should look up the Said treatment of women, gays, 9/11 and the death of a Washington Post reporter in the Middle East.

The players said they joined for the opportunity to play for big money, to be treated  better than they were on the PGA Tour.

None wanted to talk about the history of Said oppression, but the hostilw media did.

One asked Lee Westwood if he’d take money this week if Vladimir Putin wanted to put on a tournament.

The PGA reacted in harsh fashion, announcing 30-minutes after Mickelson teed off on Thursday, all 17-players playing in London were suspended from all PGA tour events, including the Ryder Cup and President’s Cup tourneys, where you play for the flag.

Because the USGA runs the US Open, the European tour runs the British Open, and Augusta runs the Masters, the suspended would still be eligible to play there.

Greg Norman, leader of the LIV league, said his group would file anti-trust charges against the PGA, calling it an illegal monopoly..

Most of the players revoked their Tour Cards in turning their back on a place where they all made great money.  Mickelson, who received a 200M guaranteed bonus, and Johnson, who got 125M in guarantees refused to answer questions about the PGA sanctions.  By the way, the mean spirited PGA allowed Mickelson to make 93M in his career, DJ earned 72M

Mickelson did talk about his exile from the Pro Tour, his gambling problems and the therapy he has been involved in.

Sunday came and 3-more players jumped ship, the always outspoken Bryson DeChambeau, the fiery Patrick Reed, and San Diego journeyman Pat Perez.

And rumors now that Monday is upon us, Ricky Fowler may change his mind and go too.

The PGA does have an issue.  In the past, they allowed players to get 3-exemptions a year to play abroad during the PGA season, if those players were in 15-PGA events that year.  So they may have a problem in any litigation based on that lawsuit, ruling different on this group than on others who asked for waivers.

But 6-of the Saudi tourneys are in the States at Donald Trump courses and those waivers were for just foreign events.

Stay tuned for upcoming Judge Judy shows.

Critics are everywhere from Rory McIlroy to Justin Thomas and to Tiger Woods.

It’s ugly to lose these marquee names.  It hurst the PGA Tour.
Do players have a right to seek the best paydays possible?
Is there any guilt being linked to Sports washing of Saudii dollars?

What would you have done?

Bad times in golf for sure, a sport that brought us all the global legends to our links.  From Byron Nelson to Jack Nicklaus to Arnie Palmer, to Tiger to Phil and so many others,

Lefty and DJ may forever be viewed differently from this day forward.


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “NFL-vs-Deshaun Watson”

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“Cleveland–QB–Dark Days Ahead”


It’s a month away from the start of the NFL training camps.
Less than 100-days till the first game.
Everyone is undefeated, everyone is excited about their teams.

Everyone, except in Cleveland, where the QB situation has reached crisis proportions.

The Browns traded 3-number 1-picks to Houston to get Deshaun Watson, who sat out last season, inactive each game, in the midst of the NFL-sexual misconduct lawsuit. probe They then signed Watson to a (230M) full guaranteed contract.

The Browns still own the rights to Baker Mayfield, but have told him not to come to camp, as they try to find a buyer for the 18.8M left on his contract.

And now. the Browns face the prospect of not having either one when the season opens.

The NFL thought it had concluded its probe of Watson’s sexual miscounduct case, taking all the data from the 22-women who filed lawsuits against the former Texans quarterback in the ‘massage for sexual favors case’.

But they haven’t, despite interviewing 21 of the women.

This week, a ton of new information surfaces.  A 24th and 25th women have surfaced and the story they tell is sleazier than what the NFL already knew, and everyone knows, because it is in the New York Times.

And the Houston Texans franchise has now been fingered for being an enabler in all this, setting up hotel rooms for Watson to use for his massages, that turned into sexual liasons, and providing Watson with the framework of NDA agreements as the lawsuits began to pile up.

And evidence the QB tried to payoff people not to talk to the NFL, including the salon owner who let him do his thing for a cash advance.

And lawyers representing the women are adding the Texans as defendents in the case, likely increasing the amount of money that could be won when it goes to trial, or the amount of money paid if out of court settlements take place.

Watson could have been facing a 6-game suspension from the league, a typical sanction for some type of abuse case, but this is so deep, so ugly, so lurid, Watson might lose a year of his career.

And the Browns, an equally damaging time for Jim Haslam’s leadership.

As if the NFL did not have enough problems with the probe’s of Washington owner Daniel Snyder, the outcome in Cleveland could be equally as dark as anywhere else around the NFL.

A close up look on a Friday morning at the depth of the Browns issues, courtesy of NBC.

Since Roger Goodell said two weeks ago the NFL’s Deshaun Watson investigation was nearing an end, two more women filed civil lawsuits against the Browns quarterback. Following the 23rd suit, Watson’s defense team denied the accuser’s account. After the 24th, Rusty Hardin indicated the defense only learned the latest accuser’s name when the suit was filed.

The 24th accuser presenting new information could open the door to Watson’s Browns guarantees being at risk. The Browns structured Watson’s fully guaranteed contract so the guarantees would not void if he was suspended based on one of the then-22 civil suits, but Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk raises the prospect of a ban based partially on a new lawsuit penetrating the bulletproof guarantee language. It is still possible the Hardin-led camp and the Browns were aware of another potential suit, but it coming more than two months after Watson signed his contract creates some uncertainty regarding the guarantees.

Given their extraordinary effort to acquire Watson via the record-shattering $230MM guaranteed figure, it seems unlikely the team would push to void guarantees. Watson has denied any wrongdoing, but the Browns continue to see detailed accounts of accusations against their trade acquisition emerge.

An expansive report from the New York Times’ Jenny Vrentas indicates Watson received massages from at least 66 women over a 17-month span from fall 2019 to spring 2021, the end of this timeframe bringing forth the avalanche of allegations against the then-Texans passer. Women who did not sue Watson accuse the 26-year-old QB of attempting to turn massage therapy sessions into sexual encounters, and Vrentas adds another woman withdrew her complaint due to “privacy and security concerns.”

Including Instagram messages between Watson and accusers and testimony from the ongoing civil trials — said testimony revealing, in at least one of the suits, Watson admitting a masseuse’s experience and skill level was not a priority — Vrentas’ piece also includes civil testimony in which Watson said the Texans helped him with a nondisclosure agreement. The 23rd woman to file suit against Watson, Nia Smith, shared texts, Watson’s phone number and some of his Cash App receipts on her Instagram account after his alleged sexual misconduct during their three massage sessions. Watson said the Texans provided an NDA in late 2020, and Vrentas reports he began taking NDAs to massage sessions soon after. The Texans also set up Watson with a membership at The Houstonian, a hotel where at least seven women gave him massages occurred, according to Vrentas.

The NFL has interviewed 21 of the first 22 women to accuse Watson of sexual misconduct and/or sexual assault, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot, and has concluded its interviews with the embattled passer, who switched his Twitter account to private following Vrentas’ story. Goodell said in March that, based on NFL and NFLPA talks, Watson would not be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list. Barring the Browns asking Watson to stay away from their workouts, he will continue to practice with his new team. If the NFL did not know about the information uncovered in Vrentas’ account, Yahoo.com’s Charles Robinson discusses whether the exempt list (paid leave) would now apply. The NFL did not place Watson on the exempt list last year; the Texans instead deactivated him 17 times.

A suspension is expected to be announced in July, and the run of information leading up to the independent arbitrator’s (and later Goodell’s) decision could increase the likelihood of a lengthy ban. This matter stands to hang over Watson for most or all of 2023 as well, with the civil trials going on pause from August 1, 2022-March 1, 2023. A second suspension could take place once the suits conclude. Watson missed his age-26 season due to these accusations and his previous trade request. The negative PR coming his way may well prompt the NFL to levy a harsh ban, putting his age-27 campaign in jeopardy.




1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Chargers Fix Defense-Ready to Win”

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“Chargers-Ready to Win-Fixed What Was Wrong”


It’s the final week of the Chargers off season OTA workouts before they get ready for preseason camp.

Optimism is at an all time high, especially now that they have poured so many resources into fixing what was a too-young defense, that all too often betrayed the accomplishments of 5,000-yard passing quarterback Justin Herbert.

The Bolts added to the offensive line with their top draft pick ,OG-Zion Johnson.

They retained big play WR-Mike Williams, added pass catching TE-Gerald Everett, brought in another running back. The offense looks complete.

The spring spending spree started with the trade for aging Bears linebacker Khalil Mack. Then came the signing of ex-Broncos corner Bryce Callahan.

They went for big bulk in ex-Rams defensive tackle Sebastian Day, ex-Giant Austin Johnson, and the rental of LB-Kyle Van Noy.

It will be a very new-look defense for 2nd year coordinator Renaldo Hill, and a challenge to fit all the new pieces in the puzzle box, knowing AFC-West quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Derek Carr and newly acquired Russell Wilson have the ability to do what Herbert did all last year, tear defenses apart. Some division.

Hill has started this final week of OTA’s excited as he spoke to the media:

..We wanted an attack defense personality
..We targeted guys who could play in our system immediately
..We now have the build and the size to make this work (Day-Johnson)
..We added a premium pass rusher (Mack)_
..We brought in a cover slot corner (Callahan)
..We have a jack of all trades linebacker (Van Noy)
..Want a competitive DB-room…want people looking over their shoulders
..Need to be on the grass to practice..talking in the room won’t do it
..S-JT Woods is a ballhawk-will make Derwin James more diverse
..Cross training our DBs to be versatile important
..Too many tools…too many toys..no..lots of proven talent

Camp opens in mid July. So many new faces.
They hope it all fits and completes the player puzzle.