NFL Lawsuits

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Somewhere in all this paper work, there is a paper trail and a smoking gun.

The NFL is under seige.  Possibly the most profitable business venture in America is taking it from all sides.

Lawsuits and being filed fast and furious.  The concussion lawsuits.  Now the Painkiller lawsuits.  Nothing has been settled, and it seems to be getting worse, not better.

The enormous payday initially agreed to over brain damage to players, has yet to be signed.  The judge keeps rejecting the final paper work, because of continued objections from the players, whose lives are spiralling down because of head injuries while they played.

4400 players have their names attached to what was supposed to a 765-million settlement.  In theory it seemed a proper payday for players who have developed dimentia, alzheimers, and those families whose players committed suicide.

But now the judge says she will not sign off, because there is no money going forward to players today who may be damaged and won’t know about it till they are retired.

Now the NFL has another legal issue, 750 players filing suit over illegal use of painkillers, pills, injections, addictions, and whether they were told what could happen to them longterm as a trade off fix to stay on the field the day of the game.

The Junior Seau suicide put a face on the concussion lawsuit.  The Jim McMahon lawsuit is the marquee name for the painkiller action..

The NFL agreed to the Concussion settlement rather than go to trial.  Now they may have to ante up more.  And this league is facing dramatic payments in this second Pain Pill suit.

They maintain innocence.  But I’m not so sure.

Somewhere out there in the midst of all this may be doctors of clubs, who have information of a coverup.  Doctors who have found thier conscience.  Doctors who may have documents, about what they knew, what the NFL did, what the players didn’t know.

And the Painkiller suit follows a same path.  How good were the records being kept.  Is there documentation out there.  Have more doctors decided to step forward.

I believe there is a paper trail, there are smoking guns out there, and the NFL, a 10-billion dollar business is in deep trouble.  Players are dying, more are coming front and center saying they are suffering.

The migraine headache the players are suffering from is about to become a migraine headache for the NFL owners too.

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Spurs – NBA

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It never gets old – it’s never taken for granted either… They are a unique bunch.

They’re celebrating again… a year after most people said they were done.  End of an era they said, after they were vanquished by the Dream Team.

Yes there’s lots of mileage on the San Antonio Spurs.  Tim Duncan-Manu Ginobli-Tony Parker have been together a long time.  But in that time they have won the NBA title four times.  Twice the franchise has come back when it appeared their time had come to be broken up.

They are a unique eclectic franchise, these guys from the Alamo City.

Greg Popovich, the reclusive – often-condiscending coach, now has five championship rings.  Not bad for a guy who cut his teeth at places like Cal Poly Pomona and the Air Force Academy.

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Tony Gwynn – Tuesday June 17th, 2014

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How do you define greatness…how do you quantify quality?

It has turned out to be a summer of sadness in our baseball town.  The Voice of Summer-Jerry Coleman was silenced.  The Smile of Summer-Mr-Padre Tony Gwynn has passed away.

Greatness in baseball is all about statistics, and Tony Gwynn’s numbers are staggering.  The (.338) career average.  The (.300) seasons 19X in a 20-year period.  The 3,141-hits.  The Silver Slugger Bats and Gold Glove trophies.

Quality of the person is there, not in the stat sheet, but in the heart of so many people who crossed paths with Tony Gwynn.

The 20-year Padres went into the Hall of Fame with another lifer-the Orioles Cal Ripken.  We may never see that again.

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Tony Gwynn

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San Diego Padres legend and icon, Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn passed away early this morning at the age of 54, from complications from cancer and immune system problems.

His agent John Boggs confirmed the passing after a four month battle with setbacks to his immune system, after multiple surgeries for cancer of the mouth.

In a 20-year career, he hit (.338), with 3141-hits , 17th on the major league hit list.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 2007, and rebuilt the San Diego State Aztecs baseball program.

Tony Gwynn was quality as a ballplayer-class as a person.

World Cup 2014

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He’s going to do it his way…this will not work-at least not this summer.

The US World Cup soccer team, which captured the fancy of our country four years ago with its spirited comebacks, opens play today in Brazil when they play the Ghana Black Stars.

Jürgen Klinsmann is running the show and it is definitely his rules, his style, his roster, his opinions.  It’s all that counts.

And Landon Donovan no longer counts in the plans of Team USA.  The best player our country has ever had, the face of soccer and the growing MLS, will not be on the pitch this afternoon.  Thrown aside like a worn out soccer shoe with holes in it.  The coaches decision has left a huge hole in the roster, a hole in the American heart.

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