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The newspaper called him timid…I say he’s conservative….you should tell him it’s time to make this move.

NFL rosters are pretty much complete, built for the coming season. There are virtually no free agents of note to go get. The draft picks are signing. What you have now is what you will play with this coming season. And the Chargers don’t have enough.

Tom Telesco has a chance to add one final piece to the puzzle, a player who would be a difference maker, a guy who could put you over the top.

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Wild Fires – Thurday May 15th

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It just doesn’t mean that much this morning…what’s happening there-because of what is happening here.

You watch the games, you might have a rooting interest, you are intrigued by the stories, you look forward to tonite.

At least you would, if it were not for the last 48-hours here in San Diego.

The Padres can stretch this winning streak to six straight if they sweep the doubleheader in Cincinnati.  Meanwhile, they walk thru the embers of burned out houses on Aviara Parkway in Carlsbad.

You wounder if the Clippers can rally in a must win game six tonite vs Oklahoma City. As you wonder how families will cope returning to burned out streets in Coronado Hills outside of San Marcos.

You think of the chaos that is abut to begin when the Rams open their mini-camp for rookies and people like TMZ and Deadspin was access to gay defensive end Michael Sam. You worry about the fatigue of firefighters who have been at it for nearly 48-straight hours in 100-degree heat and low humidity on the fire lines.

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Donald Sterling

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Can you believe what you hear? Can you believe they tolerated this for so long.

The never ending saga of the man began in 1981-when he bought the franchise, once known as the Buffalo Braves, and moved it to San Diego, where it became the Clippers. More correctly, it became the laughingstock of an NBA franchise.

Run by a maverick business man, a real estate tycoon, who ran the franchise into the ground.

Once upon a time Donald Sterling had a roster that included NBA greats World B-Free and Randy Smith, Michael Cage and Tom Chambers, Michael Brooks and Terry Cummings. He once had the rights to Byron Scott, got the rights to Bill Walton.

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NFL Draft

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The NFL draft has come and gone, and so have a number of college football careers, with nothing to show for it.

A record 98-Underclassmen filed for the NFL draft. You know the marquee names, Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel and so many others. From South Carolina to Texas A&M and so many other places, they poured into the draft early, seeking fortune, fame and a football future.

Here are the names of those who filed, who you likely didn’t know, and must have regrets. Brett Smith, the record-setting quarterback at Wyoming, Kaprii Bibbs-the very good Colorado State running back, George Uko-the USC lineman and so many more. These guys now have nothing. They were not drafted, get no signing bonus, get invited to camps and likely get cut. They have no college eligibility left, and no degree in their hand either.

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Chargers Draft

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They got what they needed for tomorrow…and for a couple of years from tomorrow

The 2014-NFL Draft was deep. The Chargers had needs, and they filled a couple, eventhough they had only six picks. At first glance, I give them a letter Grade of “B”.

In a deep draft at cornerback, with an acute need, the Bolts went and got a starter, Jason Verrett from TCU. A fireplug at 5-9, a hitter, an athlete with a 33-inch vertical jump, a fluid player with amazing speed. Is he small yes, but remember, Shareece Wright and Marcus Gilchrist on the other side bring size. Verrett might be the fastest corner the Bolts have drafted since Gil Byrd.
He plays, he likely starts immediately. Some think he is as athletic as Daryll Green-the Redskins icon.

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