1 Man’s Opinion

Chargers Free Agency

A good move….A 1-year rental…A strong insurance policy.

Your mailing address is the AFC-West.  Your neighborhood has lots of big time yardage-throwing quarterbacks.  You know you will have to defend the pass and all the speed receivers in the division, much less the rest of the league.

Finally, Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco adds a veteran this off season, to his beleaguered defense, you know the one that was raznked 29th against the pass.  The one that had 2-of the worst rated corners in the NFL.

Brandon Flowers is a mighty mite.  A 5’9 corner who can run, can tackle, and plays very well in shadow coverage.  He was cut by the Kansas Chiefs last month, after they decided he couldn’t play their press coverage, and had a 10.5 million cap figure. (more…)